Monday, January 4, 2016

If you think you should, do. (2016's Motto & Resolutions)

One day, after dropping one of my kids off at school, I was listening to Ryan Seacrest prattle on about relationships on the radio. I don't remember which pair of celebrities he was gossiping about, but he said something so ridiculously profound yet simple that I was almost angry that HE said it. Because....I'm supposed to credit the bleach-tipped American Idol host turned Hollywood job whore with a motto that spoke to my soul and encouraged me to live better? I mean.....weird.

But it's true - Ryan Seacrest has given my life direction. (Shudder)

As I said, he was speaking of behavior in romantic relationships, but when I heard this phrase I knew that you could apply it to absolutely any type of relationship or approach to any challenge or project:

"If you think you should, do."

Whoa, right?

It's so, so incredibly simple. It's basically just saying.....take actions. Listen to your conscience. Turn your kind ideas into love. When something pops into your head that you think would be a good idea...DO IT!

It's the least complicated idea in the world, but let's take a second and think for a minute or two about how many ideas of little nice things have popped into your head over the years and they did nothing more than float around your mind as a sweet thought. Imagine what the world would look like if we acted on every single one of them?

It is sometimes really difficult to make ourselves act on these thoughts - because of fear, embarrassment, lack of funds or time, etc. And if we're being realistic, we have to prioritize our own families (especially if you're a Mom), and sometimes you have to choose your dependents over blessing every single person that pops into your mind. But there are many (many) places where I could have done instead of just thought. Sometimes I haven't because of exhaustion, but most of the time it's because I've been too scared to do them. This year, I'm going to try my hardest to do and be brave.

Happy New Year 2016!

The other day I shared my list of things I want from 2016, and most of them are really results of what I'm setting out to do this year. They aren't exactly hard and fast resolutions. I guess there's some cross over here, but I thought I'd make a list of my actual resolutions - my "rules" for 2016 that follow my new motto and my list of wants.

1. Do.
2. Do scary things.
3. Get back down to the 120's.
4. Get this new blog up to 5k views/month, and buy domain after 3k/views.
5. Make $1,500 of my own this year. (Don't laugh at how small that's big to me!)
6. Work hard to make my kids, husband, and tribe know how much I love and appreciate them.
7. Create. Create, create, create.
8. Be okay with being me. Own it.
9. Organize my life - spend time on it every day.
10. Be healthy - study and research physical & mental health weekly.

That should do it.

Does anyone else have the feeling that 2016 is going to be really fantastic? :)

Thanks, Ryan Seacrest.


  1. Do scary things! I love that. Goes right along with my #oneword Vulnerability. My goal is to have "ordinary courage"

    1. That's a great way to put it...ordinary courage. I like that! :) :)

  2. YES! This post is just so amazing! I love that quote (and also hate that Ryan Seacrest said it :P) I am so excited for you to do scary things this year. Scary things are sort of fun...afterward. Exhilarating, right? I've got do scary things on my list, too!

    1. I'm still in that excited phase, we'll see if that has staying power! lol I'm sure there's going to be moments that I wish I didn't make myself that promise ;) Lots of luck to you!!! Keep me posted? :) :)

  3. I like that phrase! It really is as easy as "Just do" but we make it so much more complicated! Best of luck with those goals!