Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Goodbye, Morning Routine.

As I strive to set and achieve goals in this phase of my life, I've found that in order to make the time, I have to organize it. I'm not a natural routine person, so creating one and trying really hard to stick to it helps me see the path from the start of a goal to the end of it - even if it's just what I hope to do in a single day.

Creating (and rearranging) routines is what helped me with various kicks in the butt over the years, so when I set out to workout in every day in January, and to start my days with those workouts, I thought it made sense to create a routine to make it happen.

I really like mornings, and my favorite thing about them is the quiet cozy time spent welcoming the new day. I like warm coffee, cozy blankets, legs tucked under me, reading something inspiring, and watching the sun rise. I AM a morning person - I love-love-love mornings - but when I don't have the time and patience to really enjoy them, I get cranky. (I really think that's the problem with people who aren't morning people - they don't have time to be!)

I planned some "greeting the day" time into my morning workout schedule, but in order to make it happen - I had to get up EARLY. Like feet on the floor no later than 5:40am. That meant if I wasn't snoozing by 10pm (and I'm usually not done decompressing from the day and enjoying myself until 10:30-11:30) it made me a total zombie whose workouts were frustratingly inefficient. I really loved the idea of what my morning routine was doing for me, but it was so incredibly hard to do - I was making what was already hard way harder. 

I really do like working out first thing in the morning. It wakes me up, sure, but it's more about getting it out of the way. When you do the workouts that early, you practically forget about them by the time your day gets started. You can spend the whole day relaxing if you want, knowing you were already active that day. I love that. But getting up an extra 30 minutes before my scheduled workout time was so, SO hard to do, and making me really unmotivated for the actual workout - which was the whole point!

I realized that if I spent those 30 minutes sleeping, my body was much more willing to perform during my workout. And though it may mean a rush to fit in a workout, a shower, and helping my kids through their school prep, some days I still get my slower day-welcoming time after the rush. Worth it.

The moral of the story today is to make changes when you notice yourself struggling with your goals. Just because one method of achieving them isn't working doesn't make them impossible to achieve. My new routine starts later and is way more "go with the flow" which suits me so well, and yet I'm feeling MORE empowered to reach my goals. Sometimes simplifying is the way to go!

Do you have a morning routing? Do you workout in the morning? What time do you get up?
And do you feel the need to schedule your goals into your day, or do you just work on them when you can? I'd love to know what works for you and keeps you motivated!

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