Tuesday, December 29, 2015

The 1950's Fix Up.

1950's girls need pearls Years ago, (like five of them), I had a blog called The Very Best Housewife.

I know, don't say it - I'm already ridiculously embarrassed about it. When I made that blog, Pinterest was just exploding, and there were all of these life hacks and cleaning tips and housekeeping secrets that were suddenly being shared - we all fell into that pit of wanting the Pinterest magazine-ready home: all sparkling clean and effortlessly decorated.

My blog name was not defining me - I was far (far far far) from being the best, but that's who I was striving to be at the time.

I kept it up for a while, and then I was suddenly exhausted. Going through pregnancies, adjusting to having more kids, and holding various jobs put me into this overwhelmed rut that had me searching for ways to pass the time and move onto better things. I discovered one day (after years of putting every ounce of effort I had into fostering child development, keeping a clean home, and throwing event planner level parties) that I could make the days go by faster by escaping reality. My kids were all fed and clothed and supervised, but if I could find moments to float around the web and binge on Netflix, the hours would tick past and suddenly I was back to the weekend. You know that saying, the days are long but the years are short? Well, I found a loophole and I sped up my days.

Eventually, though, my kids required more than a gym class and a playdate a week, and my chauffeuring itinerary grew. I had to keep track of their individual growing social calendars, school projects, homework assignments, sports and other extra curricular obligations - and I'd sped up my days so that there wasn't enough time for it.

I put my laptop away, and only pulled it out when I had actual work to do. I only had Netflix playing when I was doing dishes or folding laundry. But it wasn't enough.

In my veg out days, I lost track of what my days looked like pre-mom-coping. I tried to set up schedules and to do lists and ways to keep up with it all while also allowing myself maximum relaxing time, and though I was technically doing it all - I was constantly frustrated, angry, and unorganized, and my house was always a mess, despite my best efforts.

One particular week ran me through the ringer. There were tears every day, epic texting sessions with my husband and friends about the struggles of life, and journaling until my brain was empty. I hit a moment, finally, when I was sick of talking about it all, and ready to do something about it.

It took me a couple of tries, but I finally figured out what I had to do: become The Very Best Housewife.

Okay, hang on. I will never be the very best, because that's insane, and I was stupid to ever claim that as my goal. (It was more about the click-factor, if I'm being honest.) I'm also not re-opening that old blog or reverting to my old ways. What I started doing instead, is striving to be the 1950's housewife.

And no, that didn't mean starting a brand new blog with vintage housewife pictures all over it. There are lots of those already, and they are wonderful resources, and great places to hang out (love them, honest), but I am too dynamic a person to morph that far. I'm working with those things in my own way - in modern life, in my creative mindset, in my busy schedule, in my high-energy family.

I'm journaling all the way (and the most useful pieces I discover as I go are ending up here), but I hope to share it all when my challenge is complete. I would love to tell you when that is, but I have yet to chose a length of time to commit to, because.....that's me. A fluid, dreamy, hummingbird.

The bare-bones story is that I went nuts creating (and re-creating) schedules, keeping myself on track every single day, planning out moments (as much as it drove me crazy), and slowly but surely, order resumed. The holidays complicated things a bit - there's not much you can do about that when you have three critters being visited from the big guy in the red suit. I feel like it will take me weeks to reach a new normal, but I'm more mentally equipped and experienced with how to do it, now. So even though it kind of changed my new plans, I'm more capable of adapting to them.

Once Christmas brings you a bunch of shiny new items from your wish lists (proof of the power of retail therapy), don't you just want to overhaul your entire life? Conquer the world? Or your own little part of it, anyway. Because I sure do.

So I've brainstormed my goals for 2016 (link being updated), and I'm going to do my darnedest to document them here and encourage others towards achieving theirs.

What are your goals for 2016? Do they align with mine at all? If so, I'd love to team up if you would? :)

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