Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Rych Fam Christmas Card 2015!

Hey friends!

I have been SO EXCITED to share this year's cards with you! I'm sure the post preview has already spoiled the surprise, but here they are......

Oh my gosh, even after creating these and staring at them as I got them ready to send this week, I am so tickled by seeing them. They are so perfect! I can't even get over how fitting the saying was to our family - Cardstore really nailed it this year ;)

Getting three little ones (and now a puppy) into coordinating jammies, posed nicely in front of the tree, and at least looking in the direction of the camera is SUCH a challenge. It's worth it, because looking back over the past 5 years of Christmas pictures makes me so happy (check back tomorow and I'll show you a progression of them!) Plus, we end up with some pretty silly shots, like this one:

Eek, I love it! :)

For the past couple years, I've been crazy about using our photos to make Christmas cards at Cardstore.com because they turn out so beautiful, and I love all of the attention to detail they provide. Cardstore will print your return address on your envelopes and even throw you a few extra for mistakes (for free!), they ship them to you in a pretty box all full of Christmas confetti and usually a little bonus, and if you want to do things the super-simple, mess-free way, they'll even mail them for you!

It's always really hard to chose which style I like....I am always drawn to Buffalo plaid, and the kraft paper colored themes (like last year's), as well as anything cozy and home-spun looking.

BuffaloPlaid CrossStitch

But this year? The ones that really screamed true for our family's pictures were the ones that told a story with a simple, perfectly fitting sentence.

I almost went with this one:


I mean....how adorable is that?

We ended up going with our design, though, because the phrase was absolutely perfect for us, and everyone that saw a peek of our poses this year loved how hilarious Galli was posed with the boys. She had her FULL attention on the treats were using to help us get these pictures!


I couldn't be more thrilled with these - I'm so happy to have one in our scrapbook to smile at year after year!

There's still time to find your prefect card at Cardstore! You can either have Cardstore send them for you, or send them yourself (it's totally fine to get them sent anytime in December, even if Christmas has already passed!). Hurry over and get free shipping over $50, and 30% off your order!

Cardstore provided us with these beautiful cards in exchange for my honest review. All opinions and experiences are mine alone - we truly love Cardstore! Thank you for this beautiful Christmas gift, Cardstore!

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