Monday, October 26, 2015

Jake's 2nd Birthday Football Party!

Yesterday was our little Jake's 2nd birthday! (Insert all the cliches about how fast the time went here.)

I've always sort of resolved that for our boys' 2nd & 3rd birthdays, we would just keep it very simple at home, with a very tiny guest list and minimal prep. Which was still basically true, but then we decided to make it a football-centered party during a Bills game, and I went a little crazy with the details.

I don't even like football, but I couldn't help myself!


I made this little centerpiece for the table with a fake turf welcome mat from the dollar store that I painted football field details onto with acrylic paint. Then I painted the little pumpkin to look like a football. We had so many of them lying around for fall/Halloween decorations.

The cool thing is, after the party, I gave Matt this football welcome mat to use in front of his keezer, so it has served its purpose!


I'd gotten streamers in football field colors, but I didn't want to hang them the way I normally would because then it would just look like we were rooting for Green Bay or something! So instead, I hung them to look like another football field, cut yellow goal posts out of cardstock, and hung those with some thread. It looked so cool!

The rest of the details were pretty minor - I'd gotten a couple of football themed things from the grocery store - a big bowl, a serving platter, and some plastic cups with the Bills logo on them. I also got our paper plates and napkins in red and blue.

The rest of the house was decorated for fall, and our guests all wore Bills clothes, so it felt like the theme was perfect!

One of the things we served was a chocolate chip cheese ball shaped to look like a football and covered in mini chocolate chips to make it brown, and we topped it with frosting laces. That was a pretty big hit! I can't believe I didn't get a picture of it.

Finally, Jake's cake was a deflategate football.


I am sticking to my story that it was made to look deflated on purpose.

No really, there were technical problems while trying to make it look like a football, and while I was fixing it, Jake picked up a nearby knife and hacked into it repeatedly! So. I hid it the best I could with frosting, and called it a deflated football. It still tasted good!

And Jake didn't mind....


In fact, he was a pretty happy birthday boy.....



Happy #2, Jakey Roo!

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