Friday, October 2, 2015

Real Mom Style - Fall Flannels & Plaid

Fall is the most fun time to get dressed! The clothes are cozy, cute, so simple and fun to accessorize, and fall colors are flattering on everyone.

And what is fall style without plaid? Nothing, of course. So that's where we start!

Flannels & plaid can be casual, cozy, or dressy, depending on what you pair them with. And I subscribe to a realistic style of fashion - as a mom, I need my clothes to be wearable (they have to move as much as my kids do!) and affordable. I love to rock Target apparel, and I'm not afraid to hunt through thrift store racks! Almost everything I own was on sale or purchased with a coupon.

So if you're of the designer, name brand, follow the rules fashion style posts aren't for you. Everyone else? Enjoy ;)

(PS, remember when I mentioned the whole real mom thing? Yeah, same goes for my pictures. Sorry for the cruddy quality - this is all I've got here, folks!)

Here are my favorite flannels & plaids this fall!

Matilda Jane Parker Tunic
Matilda Jane Parker Tunic
Unfortunately, this was so popular it's totally sold out already, but you might
be able to find one being resold! This fabric is SO soft and luxurious, and the back
is super long so it will pair perfectly with leggings! I love the pink in the plaid -
it's so different from most plaid colors, and pink is so ME!

Old Navy Pullover
Old Navy Boyfriend Flannel Popover
I love how long this tunic-style top is, and how it
looks layered with a vest. It's SO fall!

Buffalo Plaid Cardi
Mossimo Buffalo Plaid Cardi
This cardi is super cozy, and I love buffalo plaid for fall! 

Plaid on plaid
Plaid on Plaid - Mossimo Cardi & Double Plaid Blanket Scarf
This scarf is SO warm and cozy - one side is red & black buffalo plaid (identical
to the cardi), and black & white smaller plaid on the other. I love how these look
paired together! The cardi is so casual and every-day in the first picture, and when
you pair it with the scarf it looks like something really special!

Super casual plaid flannel
Now for something super casual....
I thrifted this flannel, but it's Mossimo (from Target)...probably years ago! I made
the scarf, which was super simple (a 1 day project), and it's so cozy. I think this
would probably look better with a lighter tank underneath, and maybe lighter jeans,
but whatever you'd pair a combo like this with, it's cozy, casual, and cute!

Dressy Plaid
Dressy Plaid
This is one of my favorite casual/dressy transition tops - I wear it when I don't
want to look too casual, but don't want to get too dressed up, either. It's from
Eddie Bauer, but I bought it second hand from a little IG shop I adore called
Reloved Threads. I love to pair it with this drapey Lia Sophia necklace to dress
it up a little bit more, too.

Plaid Nails
Yep, you can even plaid-out your nails now, thanks to Jamberry! I am SO crazy about
this design, which is called Friday Flannel. 

Show me your plaid!

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