Saturday, October 3, 2015

The Trick-or-Treat-Smell-My-Feet Fall Home Pedicure!

Let's hear it for Saturdays & Fall pampering! Owwwww!

Since we're still in that sort of transition weather and warm days can crop up here and there, my flip flops haven't been stored juuuuuust yet, and I've got at least one more pedicure on deck before neglecting my feet until March.

So let's make this potential last round of TLC our feet will see in months a good one! Friends, I give you....

The Trick or Treat, Smell My Feet Fall Pedicure
Snicker snicker ;P
OH, I did it again. Trick or Treating. Snickers?! K, I'm done.

Trick or Treat Smell My Feet Fall Pedicure


* Gather up your supplies. Don't go crazy - just collect whatever pedicure-like tools you have on hand, you don't need to spend a fortune or have one of those tiny power sanders for feet like I do. A good file, or a ped egg, or pumice stone is cool.

* Mix up a super simple and natural sugar scrub with a yummy fall scent. I used THIS Vanilla Pumpkin Spice recipe from Happiness Is Homemade with a couple minor adjustments. I used brown sugar instead of granulated, and I only made 1/2 the recipe because....well let's be honest, I'm only going to use it this one time. If you search for "fall sugar scrub" on Pinterest.......ohhhh man. You'll find something you love, promise.

* Pick your toe color. I threw a couple fall Jamberry styles in the photo, and they make really cool big toe art! But I usually keep my toes simple and just use polish. Here's a few ideas:

October Pedicure Color Ideas

1. Orange:
Mango Rita by Nailtini // A shimmery October staple.
2. Gold: Golden-I by Sally Hansen // I LOVE gold for fall!
3. Wine: Wined Up by Sally Hansen // This is a deep, dramatic, warm color I adore!
4. Pink: Muchi Muchi by Essie // Breast cancer awareness? This is the perfect pink!

Let's go!

Pedicure Time:

1. Light a fall candle. We're pampering here, ladies!

2. Start by giving your feet a sweet treat, and scruuuuuuub those piggies with your sugar scrub. If you have a brush (I just happened to have a foot-shaped one), you can use that, but massaging it into your skin with your hands is just fine! It feels a lot like rubbing your feet in wet sand at the beach, which I really kind of enjoyed. But beware - this is stickyyyy business!

Sugar scrubbin'
(Why yes I was too lazy to take August's nail polish off before I began.)

3. Rinse your feet really well, and if you want to take it a step further, let them soak in warm water in your tub, or one of those fancy blow-up pedicure baths, or, ya know........a bucket.

4. Dry them off really well, and lotion up! I have this cooling tea tree foot lotion that I loooove, but just use anything! The point is simply to moisturize and pamper yourself just a little bit more!

Lotion up

5. Now's the time to clean up your nails - clip them, trim them, file them, push the cuticles back, and buff them. Do whatever needs doing!

6. To make sure that there's no lotion left on the surface of your nails, help your polish stick longer, and clean the surfaces so no bacteria gets painted on, swipe some rubbing alcohol or use an alcohol wipe on your toe nails.

Wipin' feeties

7. Now it's time to pretty those piggies! Paint on your chosen polish. I went with gold!

Gold piggies for fall!

8. Netflix binge and sip a cup of tea until your toes are dry. ;)



  1. You inspired me to give myself a pedicure tonight. My feet thank you.

  2. Thanks for these ideas! My hands and feet have to be well groomed in any case. I always trust to nail technicians and never do my manicure/pedicure by myself. I have just returned from Ibiza vacation. It was unbelievably cute and relaxing rest. My husband presented me a ticket to the spa nail salon . Unfortunately, I cannot post a photo of what these professionals done with my nails. But they were incredibly beautiful.