Monday, August 10, 2015

My 3 Favorite 21 Day Fix Recipes

I have so many recipes and food ideas I can share with you after my 3 weeks on the fix, but there are a few that I kept going back to in my weekly menus. (There's actually a 4th, but it's a Fixate recipe.) These are all super-simple, and a great place to start if you're just beginning the fix and need something to help you build your meal plans!

3 Simple 21 Day Fix Recipes to help get you started!

My Perfect Shakeology
I created this mixture by just messing around with ingredients that I liked, but a similar version of this is actually in the Fixate cookbook. The two main things to remember about Shakeology is 1) it's always better blended with ice (at least I think so) and 2) keep messing with it until it tastes so good, you wish there was more in your cup. My favorite recipe looks like this:

My perfect Shakeology recipe4oz Vanilla Almond Milk (Unsweetened or lightly sweetened)
5oz Cold Water
1 Scoop Chocolate Shakeology
1/2 Banana
1tsp All Natural Peanut Butter
15-20 Ice cubes

My BFF lent me her magic bullet, which has been absolutely perfect for my shakeo. Everything I listed above fits into the magic bullet cup, I blend it all up, and drink it right from the blender cup. I have an automatic ice maker, so if yours are the ice cube tray type, they're probably bigger than mine and you won't need quite as many as I use! Just to note: most days I skip the almond milk or only put in a tiny splash so I'm not spending my carbs that way. This particular recipe is my indulgent one ;)

Chicken Broccoli Sriracha Bowls

Chicken Broccoli Sriracha Bowls
This is by far my favorite fix dinner - we had it 3 times! And it's not going anywhere, it's totally in our normal rotation, now.

Grilled Skinless Chicken Breast (or Rotisserie Chicken if you need a quicker dinner!)
Steamed Broccoli
Cooked Quinoa
Sriracha Sauce

Using your containers, measure out 1 red container of chicken, 1 yellow container of quinoa, 1 green container of broccoli and mix it in a bowl. Add 1/4 of a diced up avocado (equal to 1 blue), and mix in as much sriracha as you like! It's SO GOOD!

Garlic Parm Chicken

Garlic Parm Chicken
I found this recipe on another blog, so I will link you there (Garlic Parm Chicken) to follow the recipe more accurately than I could describe. I'll just note that when I made this, I also made quinoa pasta to mix into it (which tastes the most like normal pasta to me - it doesn't have the gritty textures that whole wheat and GF pastas have!) The house smelled SO GOOD while I was making this one! This recipe is really great for getting that comforting pasta meal fix!

Let me know what you think of these if you try them!

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