Friday, August 7, 2015

Birthday Wish List '15

Happy Jenn Month! I swear I'm not totally conceited about August - it's just that it contains both my birthday and my anniversary, so it's a big 31-day party.

And each year, because I usually end up with some spending money that I don't normally have, I make a wish list for fun. (Here's 2014's and 2013's. The pictures didn't hold up over the years, though - oops.) It's pretty cool to look back on those years and see that I have so many of those things now. It's like a vision board for shopping! haha

Here's what I've got my fingers crossed for this year.

Alex & Ani Mom Bangle Alex & Ani Dog Bangle

Alex & Ani Bracelets: Mom & Prints of Love in Silver
It's kind of crazy that I don't already have these two!

Plaid Blanket Scarf Blanket Scarf, 2-tone plaid

These blanket scarves.
How do you chose between these patterns? Both, please! ;)

Blue Women's Baseball Cap Grey Women's Baseball Cap

A simple cute baseball hat or two. (Blue one, Grey one)
I'm not really a hat kinda girl, but I can't tell you how many times during the school year I'll be busting my bum around the house and have to drop everything for school pick up. And how many of those times I wish I'd had a hat to throw on and look somewhat cute with minimal effort. So I don't need anything special (can't beat $4 for the blue one!), just something to turn to!

Tiny no-show Socks for Flats
The worst part about wearing flats is the gross sock-less feeling, especially when it's chilly out. I have some seriously cute ones I'd love to wear into fall, so I need these!


A ridiculous amount of Matilda Jane clothes.
Let's all take a moment and thank my BFF for the new clothing obsession (she's trunk keeper #548 if you chose to get obsessed as well). Not only am I coveting some pieces from their brand new line, I'm obsessing over some of the older things that you can still find on, and in MJ resale groups. Because I'm ridiculous like that. These pictures aren't even all of it - eek.
(Top Row: Just Warming Up Cardigan, Cheryl Skater Skirt, From The Garden Dress;
Bottom Row: Stripes Forever Tee, Mix It Up Tee, Comfy Layers Pullover.)


Sorel Winter Carnival Boots in Pewter
This is my super-indulgent wish list item, but it's also sort of warranted. Would you believe that since we moved back to Buffalo 5+ years ago, I haven't owned winter boots? I've had boots, but not the sloshing in the snow, type. Whenever I'd play in the snow with the boys I would just layer up socks and stuff my feet into my rain boots, which was ridiculous, and cold. So these are kind of a need! Even if the ones I want are a bit of a splurge. :)

Sam & Libby Booties

Sam & Libby ankle booties in putty
I also need some cute fall booties - for real, my only cold weather shoes are big fluffy boots,
so I need to fix that a little!

AEO Denim X Skinny Jean AEO Denim X Kick Boot Jean

New jeans (AEO Denim X Skinny Jean in Rich Ink and Kick Boot Jean in Dark Resin)
I also need some new jeans...I have many I'd be willing to part with if I could get some new cute ones. The best part is, these are currently buy one get one 50% right now, though I'm not sure how long the sale will last. I feel a little too old to actually step foot in American Eagle these days, but that's what they make the internet for, right? ;)

So clearly, I'm feeling a need for some wardrobe building this year! Every single thing I listed is wear-able. I blame this mostly on my new "fixed" body and having fun with clothes because of it. Fitness has side effects ;)

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