Friday, July 10, 2015

Summer Learning with

I really love Luke's school, and while I love to be involved and I appreciate the ways they support our kids, I also think they kind of mess with what Summer Vacation is meant to be. Aren't we supposed to sleep in, soak up the sun, watch movies, and basically NOT do school work? They send students home with so much Summer work, it's crazy.

We live in a community of Pinterest Moms, so I knowww all of his classmates will complete all of the "suggested" work they assign the kids, and his first few weeks will be less fun for him if he doesn't do it, too. They host assemblies and honor the kids who get through all of their work and everything. So since he has to do it, it's my job to make his summertime school work FUN! And I found an easy way to do that with something called KidsEmail!

Fun Summer Learning with

Luke absolutely loves anything that gives him just a little bit of independence, so when I told him he could get his own email address, he was SO excited! Not only is the site easy enough (and fun!) for him to use, I love that I can easily manage his account and monitor everything that goes in and out of his inbox!

Kids Email Parents Account

After I set up a parent account for myself, I set up an email address for Luke and adjusted the settings so I could see what he was up to. I loaded up his contacts with my email, his Dad's, and his Grandparents and Aunts so he could get started sending messages right away.

Every morning, we sit down for a little bit of school work - usually a workbook page or two, and some reading and site word practice - and he asks if we can check his email every time. He LOVES doing this. Our favorite features? The drawing attachments - he loves to illustrate his messages - and the fact that he can have the email read to him when he doesn't know all of the words. He also loves to change around the look of his inbox - kids can chose whatever background they like, and it's easy to switch around.

He gets SO excited when he sees an email come in, and he loves responding to them. I usually make him type the first sentence and his name, and then he dictates the rest to me and I type it for him. As he gets older, he can take over more of the typing work. I think he's a little too young to sit through learning how to type properly (he's 6), but this would be great, fun practice for a child that's just a little bit older and ready for that sort of thing.

Kids Email Inbox

I love that maintaining his email is not only practice in itself (he doesn't even realize it, he enjoys it so much!), but that it makes sitting down for our morning school time A LOT more fun! I'm not sure I'd be able to motivate him every day without it!!

To get an account for your family (you can add multiple email addresses under one parent account!), visit and sign up! You can try it risk-free for 30 days, and then decide if you'd like to continue with it - no automatic billing when your trial ends!

This post is sponsored by, and I received a 6 month trial to their service in exchange for my review. We genuinely love, and all opinions stated are mine alone. Thank you so much for allowing us to try your service and learn from it, KidsEmail!

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