Monday, July 27, 2015

It's a Girl!!! Meet Gallifrey.

I've been sitting on a little secret.

A little, adorable, amazing, special secret. One that I am SO ready to share! And it's....A GIRL!

That is probably the only time in my life I'm going to be able to say that, and I am SO relishing that fact. And no, I'm not speaking of a baby. At least not a human baby. In case you haven't already picked up on the paw prints and bone shapes, I'm talking about our brand new PUPPY! Eeee! (All the heart eyes, you guys, ALL. OF. THEM.)

Getting a dog was on our way-in-the-future radar, until suddenly it wasn't. Our daily walks this spring had us crossing paths with a lot of wagging tails, and something about their presence really spoke to us. Matt and I found ourselves talking about the possibility of a dog with increasing frequency, until one Saturday in early July when I spent the better half of the day looking through classifieds, craigslist, and rescue foundation lists.

We fell pretty hard for one particular rescue story. A sweet yellow lab Mama came to Buffalo from an overcrowded shelter in Ohio with her 8 brand new puppies. We talked and talked about the possibilities and studied their pictures before filling out an application to meet one of them.

After a lot of back and forth and what felt like a pretty long wait, we were lead to one specific puppy of the litter. We were so, so lucky to get to meet her, and fall head over heels in love with her last weekend! She and the kids played together for an hour and a half - tiring each other all out, Matt and I swooping in for cuddles when we could. She is so sweet, so cute, so playful, so cuddly, so adorably innocent. She makes me want to cry happy tears, just for existing!

It happened kind of quickly after that. A few days later, we were able to officially make her a part of the family! I'd love to introduce you to our sweet Gallifrey Joplin :)

She is 10 weeks old, and as far as everyone can tell, a mix of lab and husky (though we don't know for sure!) She is mostly chocolate lab with a black lab face and black stripe down her back, with a layer of her mom's yellow lab fur over some parts of her. She has little floppy ears, a curly, husky-looking tail, and deep brown eyes (just like me & Henry!)

Her name? Come on Doctor Who fans, I'm sure I don't need to explain? ;)  I held on pretty tightly to a couple names from Harry Potter, but once we knew we'd be naming a girl, we wanted something a little more girly for her. We toyed with naming her Riversong, but ultimately decided that Gallifrey was more unique, and calling her Galli for short is cute and super-girly. We call her Galli most of the time - sometimes Gal or Gals.

Her middle name is Joplin, because that's the name she was given in her foster home. We wanted her to hang onto that - not that it will have any technical or formal significance - but it meant something to us for her to hang onto it. I also kind of like the fact that (silly as it may be) her middle initial is J, like the rest of my kiddos. I often call them Lukey-J, Henry-J, Galli-J fits right in!

She's really a great dog, in pretty much every way! We're trying our hardest to get a handle on potty training - anyone have any tips? Haha :)

We love her, and we're so glad that our family has grown this way!

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