Thursday, July 9, 2015

Brick by Brick

My 21 day fix kit finally arrived, and while I was excited to dive in, I was surprised by how many questions I had as I explored my box of goodies. I feel like I've been researching this program for the longest time - how was there possibly still more to figure out?

I guess, until the pieces of the program were in my hands, I didn't really get the whole picture.

Now don't get me wrong, here - I'm excited and motivated (I honestly cannot wait to try Shakeology!), and I'm looking forward to all of these healthy foods I've looked into, but my brain is getting a serious workout. Trying to consider what my kids will eat, how much prep time things will require, how long foods will stay fresh after a grocery trip and if I'll need to make mid-week stops, accounting for Summer parties and plans, taking nursing Jake into consideration - it's A LOT to juggle.

I just spent almost 2 hours planning out food for THREE DAYS.


I know this will get easier. I will have this bank of days to pull from going forward, and once I'm more accustomed to portions and colors and yadda yadda, I will be able to make decisions more simply.

One of the things holding me up a little is that I'm not sure how I'll like my Shakeology. I'm kind of hoping that I like it just shaken with water, or made into a simple frappe with my morning coffee, because it frees up so many options for the rest of my day, and then I can save some other combos for a treat once or twice a week. But if I only end up liking it a certain way, I just need to know what that way is so I know which containers I need to reserve.

I decided to start on Monday (the 13th), because this is taking so long to figure out, and I'll need time to finish planning the week, making a grocery list, going shopping, and prepping all of it. As it turns out, my support group officially starts on Monday, too.

I'm currently in the middle of planning out my Thursday, but needed to give my mind a breather. Seriously - it hurts trying to calculate all of this so specifically.

I wish I could just grab a menu from Pinterest, but without knowing how I like my shakeo yet, or what meals I enjoy making and eating, I have a hard time committing to them as they are. No sense in wasting grocery money when I know that this first week is going to be an experimental learning curve as it is - might as well invest the time into creating something I know will be easy for me to follow.

I really can't wait to get started. I've spent so much time thinking and planning for this - it'll be a relief to be making progress.

My thought process now?

A little intimidated. Mostly excited. Though, very fearful of the workouts.

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