Wednesday, July 1, 2015

21 Day Fixing Myself.

I see what you've done there, Beachbody people. Creating a system with the exact minimum amount of time required to create a habit and also appealing to human nature's lazy, "heck I can do something for 3 weeks, that's not very long," side. It makes perfect sense.

And I don't expect to be "fixed" in those 21 days. Like I'll never have to fight cravings, and I'll be perfectly sculpted and jiggle-free, and scoff at the thought of dessert. Yeah....that won't be happening.

I feel like, instead, this is practice - or maybe, the hand-holding I feel like I need to change my life a little bit.

Me and food? Well, we're pretty tight. I know what's good for me, I know how outrageous carbs are, I know the basics about what should be totally avoided, and all of that comes together in a diet that avoids too much processed food, refined sugars, artificial dyes, unhealthy fats, and an abundance of carbs.

But also, I'm in love with chocolate, and anything baked, and anything that comes in a tub that you keep in your freezer. And I'm an outrageous sucker for the change of seasons - getting all googly eyed at the new again indulgences as the weather changes. Pumpkin spice lattes and carmely apple everything in the fall, homemade Christmas cookies and peppermint mochas in the winter. You get it.

It's not that here and there indulgences aren't okay, because for me....they are.

It's just that I'm a master of manipulating my own rules, and I'll make them okay for the wrong reasons and too often. And when I crave nutritional health, I sometimes find myself lost, not knowing where to start and having no ideas to move forward with, searching on Pinterest, getting totally sidetracked.

I've tried the DIY route. And as hard as I tried to replicate the basics of all the clean-eating diets out there (thx, internet), slipping up is too simple without knowing all of the details and having all of the tools.

So I jumped in last night. I signed up for the whole thing. And I'm going to legit try and do it as it tells me to. Usually when I sign up for some diet or workout plan or routine, I'm motivated, but also feel sort of tied down and limited. I know this will be work, and likely hard at times, but I can't get over how excited I am. I'm really excited. And very inspired.

I can't wait to see where it brings me.

Let's do this!

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