Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Family Camping Tips & Ideas

It's almost time for our family's yearly camping trip, so prep is in full-swing!

We keep it pretty simple, but planning things to keep the kids busy and recipes you can only create on a fire is so much fun! I thought I'd share with you some of the tips and ideas I've run into along the way to make your family's camping trips the best they can be. And if you think of anything I just need to know about - please share! :)

Packing & Planning for Camping With Kids (and Babies!)
- A list of the things we find essential to our trips!

55 Outdoor & Camping Games For Kids
- Some easy ideas for keeping kiddos entertained while they're away from home.

Campfire Desserts
- The best part of camping is obviously the campfire desserts. Get some new ideas!

Nature Scavenger Hunt
- This link has a handful of different lists to chose from, and little ones will love hunting for these things like hidden treasure! I know my big guys will love doing this this year!

Dollar Store Camping Supplies
- I get lots of essentials on the cheap from the Dollar Tree every year - our family fav is definitely the glow toys!

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