Friday, May 1, 2015

Spring Things

I didn't at all intend to take a hiatus - for almost an entire month, no less. But life told me I had to. Or rather...that I really really should.

My oldest son, Luke, has been sick. I don't think I ever shared this on my blog, but he struggled with a c-diff infection last year for 4 months (from March - June), and it rearranged our life quite a bit. It hit him again this year (again, oddly in March), and he missed a lot of school and suffered quite a bit through the pain and tests associated with it. It was so bad for a while that we thought we might have to cancel our trip to Disney (which is coming up SOON!)

Luke showing us his painting in the school art show last night - so cute!

Being home all day every day with three kids meant that my attention was always needed by someone, and I was also carrying a lot of stress while waiting for Luke to be diagnosed and treated. THANKFULLY we knew what to expect and how seriously to take this, so we inch a little closer to normal every day, at a faster pace than last year. We're not out of the woods entirely just yet, but things are looking up. Luke has been back at school for a week, and his symptoms are constantly improving. In fact, today should be his last day of medicine - he is so excited!

How do I even begin to recap everything that has happened since then? It's a lot. A lot-a lot. Maybe I'll get to some of the bigger things (like how we spent our Easter and such), but my to do list for catching up on life is long and sprawling.

A few of the littler things?

* I've been working super, super hard on my new shop - Rych's Stitches (if you didn't happen to notice the invite I shared for, ya know, 25 days - ha.) Lynne (my partner) and I are still trying to work out the kinks and figure out the best way to do things, but so far - we are having a lot of fun and churning out ideas faster than we can stitch them. I also snuck in a side project - embroidering a pair of Converse for my friend's wedding shoes - so fun!

* In mid-April, I went to an adorable tea house with my family for brunch. It was ahhhh-mazing. We all overdid it and ordered nearly everything on the menu, and the personal french presses filled with enough coffee to last all week were so fun. Also, I learned that I like eggs benedict. Who knew?

* Around the same time, I temporarily got lost in the Lilly Pulitizer craze. I shopped online in the morning, and in the process of chosing a size, I missed out on one of the things I wanted soooo much! Those crazy ebay-ers make me so mad! I did get the espadrilles, though....and man have these things garnered compliments! They're like a party on your feet! (And they're comfy!)

* Matt and I have recently gotten on a bit of a health kick. I didn't want to do anything crazy or rigid, but I certainly did want to be more comfortable in shorts & tanks during our time in Florida. We committed to doing 2 rounds of the military diet (one we've already finished), eating mostly healthy the rest of the time (good for you meals, healthy snacks, treats on the weekends), and taking a walk every single day. The walks are also prep for Disney - we'll be walking miles each day - hopefully that will help us a little! The weather has been gorgeous for our walks, and I have really, really enjoyed them! We walk about 1-3 miles every day, which isn't a ton considering a day in a Disney park is about 3-6 miles of walking, but at least it's something and it's a daily practice. (Oh, and - - I've lost somewhere between 5-7 pounds so far. My scale is a little screwy, and I'm not totally sure! haha)

Spring has finally showed up in our area, so we are busy taking full advantage of that, and getting our gardens ready to grow. I'm also trying (trying, trying trying!) to be more balanced and unplugged in my daily life - but more on that later.

I just wanted to let you all know that I am still indeed, alive and well. Talk soon ;)

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