Friday, May 29, 2015

Change of Heart & Summer's Start.

The very first positive pregnancy test I had was almost exactly 7 years ago, and since that moment, travel has been a total pain in the....well, everything.

It's incredible how complicated things get when you're just incubating a tiny human, but when they're actually on the outside and require a ton of stuff? And then another one shows up. And ANOTHER one. It gets totally out of hand. Leaving home depletes energy stores that I just do not have left over at the end of all the care-giving I have to do. It's a job I love and willingly submit to, but why would I want to complicate my already complicated job by taking my little humans away from their cozy habitat and basically work overtime to pack up multiple people and then control them in a new environment? I thank. you.

That's not to say we never went anywhere. We took Luke to Long Beach, Canada when he was 5 months old. We took all 3 of our critters to "the lake", where Matt's parents have a cottage, many many times. We've been to Florida twice now - once when Luke and Henry were 3 years and 7 months (respectively), and then just a couple weeks ago. We've been camping every Summer. We get around.

But it was always with a side of.......ughhhhh, is this really worth it?

It's a lot of prep work for me - the keeper of all the kids' physical things, and the knowledge of what each one requires. And on every trip, I'd find myself closed in a room with a nursing baby while the rest of my family rode off on boats or golf carts or jet skis. And going anywhere hot while pregnant or being used as a human jungle gym was not my idea of fun.

But babies are all capable walkers with interests. I'm not pregnant or trying to be. And you know that whole walking thing I talked about last week? It's given me strength and energy and positivity, and it's even changing the way I see travel.

After a really long travel day on the way to Florida, I sat around with my little guys who were SO excited just to be there, and despite fighting motion sickness and hours with antsy little guys, I thought to myself...."Hmm, maybe I don't hate travel so much anymore."

And I think I'm fundamentally changed.

This entirely-too-long yet very relevant moment of my life I've just documented is a lead up to say that............for maybe the first time since I've had kids, I enjoyed a full weekend at the lake this Memorial Day.


So much so that Matt has commented multiple times how great I was and how much he enjoyed this weekend. The biggest changes, I think, were that Jake only required nursing at sleep times and maybe 1x per day when he needed to calm down and recharge his batteries (and I usually welcomed the break each time, too). I was actually a part of everything. I didn't feel repeatedly abandoned or forgotten while I was off taking care of the baby.

And my big boys had the time of their lives. Among their favorite activities: going for boat rides, throwing rocks, fishing, playing Godzilla on the old Game Cube, and playing Sorry (their fav board game) with their Grandparents.


The weather was perfect, we still fit in our daily walks, and had a chance to visit our favorite winery (and stock up!). It was a great way to usher in Summer.

We can't wait to see what the rest of this season brings!

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