Monday, March 9, 2015

Scrapbooking, my old love.

Show of hands -- how many of you scrapbook?

I'm going to bet no one raised their hand, and not just because it's silly that a blog post told you to. Scrapbooking is slowly becoming a lost art - and yes, even cutting and gluing pictures is an art.

I started scrapbooking when I was about 13, thanks to the now-retired company Creative Memories. I even spent a little time as a consultant, not that it really went anywhere. Over the years, I changed my methods and ideas on scrapbooking, and as a teenager, I much preferred mornings of scrapbooking and snacks over hangovers and regrettable decisions. I dunno, maybe that made me boring, and a bit of a granny (okay, definitely a bit granny....I still am), but that was my jam.

In 2009, I went scrapbooking crazy. I got hooked on scrapbooking websites, started a scrapbooking blog, and bought a Cricut on Black Friday. I made a ridiculously detailed album for Luke's first year, and was almost completely caught up before we moved into our current house. Life got busy after that, and then more babies came along, and I found myself years behind. I couldn't keep up with all the other things I had going in life, and as its popularity fell, I was less drawn to all of the "stuff" I was previously rabid about collecting.

Last year, though, Luke started getting really interested in looking at his baby pictures and our old holidays. I started feeling really guilty that the other boys didn't have a book of their own, and that our Christmases hadn't been documented. So I decided to catch up - and it's been a chore!

I'm finding that I'm just not very detailed in my efforts to build books for all the years that have passed, but that's okay. If the pictures of my kids are glued down and have pretty paper behind them, that's good enough for now. I think that as I complete my older books and can focus on current times in our lives, I'll get a little more detailed and intricate, but for now - this is getting books done!

This has been a really great cold-weather hobby to work on. I usually take a weekend day or two and focus on a certain occasion or time frame. I make a cup of tea and watch Friends while I work, and before I know it - a Christmas is in the books. It feels like an accomplishment, and it's so much fun to see my little guys' faces when they were tiny, and dressing the pictures up a little. I hope that these books mean something to them one day - I'm looking forward to passing them on when they get married (along with their Christmas tree ornaments).

Do you scrapbook? How do you preserve family memories?

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