Tuesday, March 10, 2015

5 Easy Ways to Be a Little Greener

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5 Simple no-thinking-required ways to be just a little more environmentally friendly

Being at least a little green is a priority for our family, but with the amount of obligations we have, sometimes it's hard to be "bright" green, in a manner of speaking. My head is already totally full of appointments, things to do and places to be - I try not to fill it up with too much more. ;)

With Spring on its way, I've been thinking about our gardens and some of the other more outdoorsy, natural living sort of things we'll be working on soon. We consider ourselves pseudo-environmentalists - baby steps are better than nothing, right? We're not perfect, but we've learned a lot along the way, and there are some seriously simple things you can do to be just a little greener without having to think too much or try too hard. Here are some of the things we find super-simple to stick to that you could even get started with today!

1. Recycling
Maybe this is a really obvious one, but recycling has gotten so easy in recent years! I remember when it was first available, we had to carefully wash and break down every single item before carefully checking to see if we were allowed to recycle it. Now, rinse things off and throw them in the recycling bin - it's so easy! It greatly reduces the amount of things we're putting in our landfills and the amount of trees needed to make paper products.

2. Compost
It's really simple to designate a compost area in your yard (I recommend not right next to the house for smell reasons), and then toss your organic scraps into it for homemade compost. You can technically put any food scraps you'd like in there, but I only like to use produce, egg shells, and coffee grounds. I don't want chemicals or anything from processed foods to end up in the foods and flowers we grow, but that's my personal preference. When everything breaks down, we use ours in our gardens every year, as well as our landscaping.

The white canister is a counter-top compost container.
We fill it up with our kitchen scraps and dump it on our pile when it's full!

3. Use EcoAdvanced Batteries
With three kids in the house and their many toys, we use a lot of batteries to keep everything running. While shopping at Walmart recently, I found Energizer's new EcoAdvanced batteries. We go through AA and AAA batteries like crazy (which are both available in the EcoAdvanced version!), so I was really excited to find something a little more eco-friendly. This is the first battery on the market to use recycled batteries/materials, and they are Energizer's longest lasting alkaline ever. They even hold their charge in storage for up to 12 years - super awesome. I love that they focused their newest products on being environmentally friendly - we need a little more of that in the products we use daily, I think!

Find EcoAdvanced batteries in the electronics department
Find them in the electronics department ;)

4. Program Your Thermostat
We try to keep our home's temperature at reasonable numbers so we're not wasting energy, but it's even better to adjust the numbers for sleeping hours, and times no one is in the house. It's usually really simple to do, and once you've set it - you don't even have to think about it anymore - effortless! Take it a step further and change your thermostat's batteries to EcoAdvanced!

5. Use Reusable Shopping Bags
You can find these everywhere for $1 or $2, and they can be seriously cute! Take them with you everywhere and keep a plastic bag out of our landfills - the grocery store, drug store, to consignment sales (my fav place to use them - bonus tip, shop consignment sales! haha), and the farmer's market. I'm thinking of finding a plain canvas bag I can embroider with cute produce doodles for our farmer's market trips this summer.


So, those are my minimal-thought-process tips for you! I like effortless ;)

Do you have any super simple green-ish tips to share? I'd love to hear them!

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  1. I like these effortless tips!! We do most of them already, but I think composting will be a new project for the summer! #client