Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Rych Fam: V-Day 2015

You have probably gathered by now that I relish any and all opportunities to celebrate and make memories, and Valentine's Day has become just that. Matt and I usually go on a date or create one at home, and he usually gives me some flowers and chocolate, but it's not really all about the lovey-dovey nature of the holiday for me.

Valentine's Day is really more about celebrating my kids and showing them how much I love them. I always get them a few little treats to make them feel special, and hang some hearts up around the house. I love hearts. And pink. And chocolate. Who doesn't?

For whatever reason, I didn't pull out all of our V-Day decorations this year. Our brutal Winter is sort of all-over exhausting me at the moment, and the thought of putting them all up just to take them down in a week felt like it would deplete essential energy stores that I need to survive the next month of snow and cold ;)

I couldn't let things go totally un-celebrated, though, so one day last week, Henry and I sat down together and made a fun little heart garland out of scrapbooking paper and my sewing machine. I draped it around the living room chalkboard, and wrote something really simple but special on it. Henry has a very adorable, sweet, preschooler way of talking that Lukas never really had (he was a 40 year old inside at birth), and one of my FAVORITE Henry-isms at the moment is how he expresses affection for us. He says, "I love you so much big!" I love that he's trying to show us it's a strong emotion for him, and his innocent word choice makes it just a little bit sweeter!

The day before Valentine's Day, the kids had a "cold day" from school. The windchill was near -30, and yes, that's degrees F....Buffalo is beautiful this time of year, you should come visit ;)

With our spare time, I set up my new Cricut, and made some cards for each of my sweet Valentines. Boy Mom = lots of handsome Valentines. Matt came home with beautiful red & white roses for me - they smell so much like Spring and the outdoors - I take a whiff every time I go by the dining room!

Before bed, I set out all of the goodies for my Valentines. Each boy got a Ninja Turtles bucket I found at the Target dollar spot. I thought they'd make good outdoor toys in the sandbox, water tables, and kiddie pool when we finally get to venture outside again. Maybe even bath toys. I filled each one with some conversation hearts, peanut butter filled chocolate hearts, a single package of skittles and m&m's (leftover from the older boys' classroom Valentines), and the cards I made them. Beneath each bucket was a little heart-shaped box of chocolates. In the morning, they flocked to their goodies like moths to flame, and probably had their sugar allotment for the day before breakfast. Matt gave me a box of Watson's sponge candy (in my opinion, the only kind worth having.)

We had to cancel our date night because of a family emergency, but it was great, anyway! First of all, it looked like this outside:, going anywhere wasn't high on my list of priorities, anyway.

(Note that the snow is almost touching the bottoms of the swings, and if you can see it on the far right of the second picture, the trunk of The Crooked Apple tree is basically gone.)

Instead, I made the boys some "Hoth Chocolate" from the Wookies Cookies book I mentioned in my last post, and we watched a Star Wars movie. I am NOT a Star Wars fan, and I'll be honest......I read a book while they watched the movie, but snuggling up with my guys is what mattered most!

As an added bonus, the kids received Valentines in the mail from their Grandparents (who are in Florida right now), and they were so excited! It was the first time I've seen Jake get excited about mail - he carried his card around all night and kept showing it off to me and Matt like it was a great treasure! So sweet!

We had a great Valentine's Day, and we've been enjoying a really relaxed, slow-paced winter break so far, too! I hope you're having fun and staying warm wherever you are - and if you're somewhere warm, don't tell me ;P

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