Friday, February 20, 2015

Favorite Things: February

1. Candle // Sugar Blossom Soy Candle from Target
This was a total splurge by on a trip to the Target vortex - I almost never pay a full $10 for a candle. It smells SO GOOD, and reminded me of spring, so I absolutely had to bring it home with me. There is no scent description on the label, so all I can tell you smells floral, sweet, and springy. And amazing. And you need it. (PS, it's $8 online right now)

2. Social Media // Twitter
Twitter and I have a roller-coaster type relationship. I'm crazy into it for a while, and then forget about it again. For the last couple months, though, I've been keeping up with my tweets, and really enjoying it. My fav Tweeps ATM: Grace Helbig / Anna Kendrick / Professor Snape

3. Game // Logos Quiz
My little sister got me hooked on this game after she asked me for help with the app on her phone. I then got my husband hooked, too, and we have a lot of fun sitting together trying to guess the logos. It's pointless, really...and maybe a little scary to realize how much marketing has worked on your brain over the years. But fun!

4. Game // Trivia Crack
I was a little late to the game (literally), but after getting hooked on Logos Quiz, I decided to give it a try. I was instantly hooked! Matt and I had a lot of fun battling each other for a few days. I like that I've actually learned things from some of the questions, and I really like seeing how good I am at certain categories. Entertainment, Science, and Art are my best subjects. Sometimes I'll think I'm guessing at an answer when one of them just seems like the right one and I think, did I really know that somewhere deep down, or was that just pure luck? It's a good time.

5. Candle // Aromatherapy Be Grateful from Target
This is kind of a weird one, because I don't actually own this candle. As I just got done mentioning, I don't like to spend $10 on a candle, so spending $12.75+tax makes me twitchy. But I want this one SO BAD. Every time I'm at Target, I visit the candle aisle and sniff this one a few times. Is that creepy? Probably. It's SO GOOD! There are other scents too, like "happiness" and "peaceful", and I love and want those as well. The Be Grateful one is just the best, though. If you own this, I'm jealous. (Update - I bought it. Haha!)

6. Color // Gold
My love for Gold everything has been going strong for a while now, but it's starting to get a little crazier. I want gold everything! I'm working on a project that involves A LOT of gold glitter, and I can't wait to share it! The other day, I made a few paintings using metalic gold paint. I spent entirely too much time looking at gold foil prints and mugs with gold foil or glitter on them on Etsy. It might be a little unhealthy.

7. Craft Tool // Cricut Expression
Eeeeeeee! I have wanted one of these for SO long...probably 5-6 years. I settled for the Mini Cricut when it went on major sale on Black Friday of 2009, and it served me well, but I always wished I'd had better cutting capabilities for my scrapbooks and paper projects. Recently, Henry knocked my mini cricut on the floor, and it seemed fine, but when I tried using it, the dial size wouldn't budge. I pouted and mourned for a day, and then Matt became my knight in shining armor and he bought me an Expression! It's awesome, you guys. I can cut on full-size paper without having to trim it down, and there are so many options for making multiple cuts at once. I'm loving it.

8. YouTube // Miranda Sings
Yeah, where have I been? I've been keeping up with many YouTube channels over the past couple years, and didn't stumble on Miranda Sings until now? Insanity. After watching a recent It's Grace video where she mentioned Miranda Sings being one of her favorite channels, I decided to check it out. And omg.....I spent days going back and forth between Miranda and Colleen Ballinger (the actress that plays Miranda), trying to wrap my head around them being the same person. I love it. It's weird, it's crazy, it's bizarre...and I totally love it.

What are you loving right now?

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