Friday, January 23, 2015

Rych Fam: Lukas is 6!

I had one of those bizarre-o Mom moments last week. I realized that my oldest baby - the one who made me a Mom - crossed over to the second half of childhood.

Those first 5 years of any child's life are filled with innocence, cuteness, sweetness, and a whole lot of firsts. And while Luke still has plenty of new things to experience in his life, all of that "just getting started" stuff is behind us. When he makes it out of the next 5 years, he'll be nearing tween-hood, and he'll be smelly and awkward and maybe starting to notice girls.


My baby is 6. He's in the second half of his first decade.

Well, if turning 30 didn't make me feel old, that certainly does.

But that's life. Beautiful, messy, bittersweet life. And we had a really fabulous time celebrating our sweet firstborn.

We don't usually have this many moments of celebrating our kids' birthdays, but circumstances and family availability spread his day out to a full week. Which is basically heaven to a kid his age, right?

Here's how we celebrated:

* Luke's actual birthday was a school day. We got him birthday muffins since we didn't have time to really cook a breakfast, and as an added treat, we let him watch Minecraft videos before school (a rule we have around here - not on school days!)

* His school does a little bit of celebrating, too. They said (butchered) his name on the morning announcements, and he got to wear a birthday crown and sticker all day. In the afternoon, he shared a birthday treat (double stuffed oreos and organic juice - he's in the allergy classroom, so we can't send in traditional homemade treats).

* One tradition we have is to let the birthday boy (or girl, in only my case) chose what's for dinner. It can be something everyone else cooks, take out, or going to a restaurant of their choice. This year, Luke picked take out Pizza Hut...and he was pretty excited about it!

* Since it was just our family celebrating on the night of his birthday, we got a really small cake to celebrate with. It was cute, and delish! (And the boy blowing out the candles is even cuter!)

* We Facetimed with family as he opened his gifts - he loves putting on a show!

* I also always hang these streamers in the hall doorway (rather than his bedroom, since he shares with his little brother that gets up overnight), and they get super excited about this little detail!

* The next day, my mom came over with gifts from her and my sister (who lives out of town), and another small cake! She wanted to "bring a party" over for him, so she came with decorations and balloons, too! He was so excited to celebrate his birthday all over again!

* Over the weekend, we finally got to his actual party. He invited all of the boys from his class this year, plus a few non-school friends and cousins, too. His requests for this year? He wanted a bowling party with a Minecraft cake - and we delivered!

He had such a great time celebrating his birthday, and we loved celebrating him! I'm still wrapping my mind around how big he's gotten (he has a loose tooth, for cryin' out loud!), but I'm so proud of the person he's become. He is so sweet and helpful and kind, and I'm so very glad he's mine.

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