Monday, January 5, 2015

Let's be honest, I don't really do simple.

Last week, I shared a ten-point list of goals I have for 2015.

I mentioned that I scrapped a big post about my motivations, but I also left a bunch of other goals off that post for simplicity sake. Since posting that and trying to organize my goals, I haven't been able to stop thinking about the things I left off and the details of the things I included.

I tried to simplify it because I want to live more simply, but that's just not me. (Yet? I don't know.)

It's making me twitchy.

Overall, I want a life that is better organized to accommodate all of the things I want to squeeze out of my days. Being pregnant or a Mom to newborns through preschoolers for the last 6 years has meant that I could wiggle bits and pieces of my dreams wherever I could fit them, and flying by the seat of my (soft) pants was very comfortable. I'm not out of the woods, yet - Jake is only 14 months, after all. But life is headed towards a different pace as my boys grow, and it's starting to feel like it's go time.

So if I'm being totally ME about my goals this year, this is what it looks like.


-Consult and update my planner first thing in the morning.
Make it a coffee time routine, stay on top of scheduling and checking off to do lists.

-Drink a glass of water before 8:30am/within an hour of waking up
When I start the day with water I feel better, and I'm more likely to chose water through the day.

-Do my diastsis head lifts 3x a day
I need to fix this stomach and stick to some sort of routine!

-Give each son 10 minutes of focused, uninterrupted, one-on-one attention
No distractions, no screens, no other people - spend this time talking, snuggling, and laughing.

-Read and/or write
No time constraints or goals, just make it a daily practice.

-Keep the kitchen clean.
It makes Matt happy. It sets the tone for the rest of the house. It makes meals easier. DO IT!

-Keep up on meal planning and include healthier ingredients and recipes.
-Make progress on catching up on our yearly scrapbooks.
-Schedule only 1 day a week for blogging and unplug the rest of the week.


-Have at least one date night.
-See a movie with BFF.
-Read 3 books.
-Tackle a DIY for the house.
-Set a love-sharing goal at the start of each month.
Pick a cause or person to focus on or show extra love to, and create specific plans and timelines for reaching out.
-At the end of each month, act like an accounting department and get organized.
My years in car dealerships familiarized me with the importance of "end of the month" for tying up loose ends. Do the same for our house hold - do record keeping, budget tweaking, inventory checks of the pantry and clothing/school supply needs, upcoming birthdays and holidays, etc.

This year

-Sign up for and attend piano lessons.
More on this on Wednesday ;)

-Write a book.
This seems like a HUGE goal to set, and it is. But I'm not approaching this in a "get published" way. I want to finally see a project through and exercise my writing prowess with the end goal being a book that I privately publish just for me. We'll see what comes of it, but it feels like an exercise I need to go through so I can decide where to focus in the future.

-Lose 10 pounds.
This isn't hugely pressing. I did a pretty good job on WW after Jake was born and nursing has held me at my average weight. But, nursing will end before the year is over, so changes need to be made. These 10 pounds would take me from healthy weight to where I feel great about myself weight, so why not?

-Fix my stomach.
I think I've decided that this will require an altered Tupler Technique, because I know the technique works but I hate it. I need something that I will stick with. If you're wondering what I'm talking about, 3 big boys gave me severe diastasis recti and it needs to be fixed - trying to avoid surgery!

-Find a way to get active, and make a schedule.
Whether it's family walks, bike rides, DVD workouts, or going to a gym - I need to find ways to be at least a little more active, while also being careful about my diastasis work. I REALLY want to try Yoga, but need to fix my stomach first. This is going to be a work in progress, but it needs to be on the list somewhere!


-Do more of our grocery shopping in the Organic sections, Trader Joe's, and when it opens, Whole Foods.
Matt and I both want to be healthier and feel better about our meals!

-Revise my cleaning schedule and stick to it!
It shouldn't be this hard. My homemaking needs to take a bigger role in our lives.

-Let things go.
This includes selling, donating, and throwing things out. Making solid decisions about joyful items vs clutter, organizing what remains, and controlling incoming stuff.

Blog stuff
-Host a giveaway and/or work with a partner once a month.
-Work my traffic back up to 15,000/month (I was at 45,000 before I changed names and I've crashed HARD! Thankfully I finally figured out the code to redirect traffic from my old name, hopefully it works!)
-Reach 500 likes on my blog's FB page.


All of this feels like so much to tackle, and if I'm honest - really tiring. So much of it is good for my family, and for me, and once a lot of this is turned into habit, they won't have to be on goal lists anymore. In fact, they'll make setting and keeping goals way easier to do!

I'm thinking maybe an easy, printable check-list I can look at every day while I'm doing my morning planner-check would be a great way to stay on top of things.

Also? A lot of these goals are working me towards checking things off my bucket list!

Here are some of the ones that, if I'm able to follow my goal list, should be checked off before the end of the year! (And a few extras I haven't mentioned but are happening right now anyway!)

2. Reach 250 read books on GoodReads. (235/250)
8. Watch all of the Doctor Who episodes from 2005-now.
14. Completely clean up and re-organize my craft room and the supplies I keep in the dining room hutch.
19. Watch Friends from start to finish.
20. Complete the Tupler Technique program.
38. Pay off my credit card.
44. Chair or co-chair an event with the PTA.
45. Take piano lessons.


That feels better.

So, what are your goals this year?

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