Thursday, January 1, 2015

I'm coming for you, '15.

Do you feel it?

The thrill of the new year? The fresh slate waiting to emerge - the clear canvas ready for paint?

Does it hit you the way it hits me every year?

I'm so thankful that the year is organized the way it is, because the end of Christmas is such a letdown - such a low-point for a rabid tradition-setter, family-documenter like myself. I dread packing up the ornaments and pulling down the twinkle lights, and just when I feel my shoulders slump - there's New Year's Eve....bubbling up in my heart, waiting to tell me where I should go next.

This year, it's even more intense. Going into 2013, I wanted to have a baby (I did). Going into 2014, I had a newborn and wanted to be more intentional and focused and I plotted out a heck of a year (it was). This time? I'm coming off a killer year with motivation and inspiration and a desire to harness that into something big.

I've been writing this big, stream-of-consciousness style post about the dreams in my heart, and it's so raw, and long, and tiresome that I've finally decided to scrap it and save it. It reads more like a chapter of a book, one that might exist one day. It's not that I'm fearful to share it, though I admit - being that open on my blog (such as this post from last week) makes me feel self conscious. But it's more that I'm developing those thoughts in the process of writing it, and it doesn't feel ready for consumption.

So instead, I've narrowed my dreams down to a simple list. One with both big and little boxes to check - things that might seem bigger than they are at first glance and vice versa.

This is what I want from 2015.

1. Create a healthier, better functioning home.
2. Take piano lessons.
3. Write a book.
4. Fix my stomach.
5. Read 35 books.
6. Focus and simplify.
7. Lose 10 pounds.
8. Finish 2008 - 2011 Scrapbooks.
9. Win my bet with Matt.
10. Share more love.

And for fun, here's my bucket list, in progress.

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