Friday, January 16, 2015

Favorite Things: January

1. Organize: Sugar Paper LA Gold Foil Planner // I need a planner with room for both marking important things on a calendar, and plenty of room for detailed lists on each individual day. This planner has it, and looks adorable doing it (I heart you, gold foil!) I finally convinced myself to write in pencil only in this baby to save myself a lot of mess and trouble, and I highly recommend it! (PS, I found glitter pencils in Target's one spot that make this extra exciting!) (PPS, I was once made fun of for being a SAHM with a planner, which is hilariously hilarious. I have SO many daily drop offs, pick ups, sports, doctors appts, shopping and errands, kid birthday parties, family gatherings, blog projects, work projects, volunteering for school schedules and PTA obligations that I would probably spontaneously combust without the perfect place to record them all!)

2. TV Show: Friends on Netflix // DID YOU KNOW FRIENDS IS ON NETFLIX? (All caps necessary.) DID YOU?! I'VE BEEN WAITING FOREVER! I almost committed to renting the DVDs (DVDs for cyin' out loud!) from the library so I could watch the series from start to finish. I watched them all when they were current, but I was so young then I know I missed some of the jokes, so I've always wanted to go back and see it all as an adult. I literally had the first DVD in my hand in the library and decided to put it back thinking "I'll never have time to get through this before it's due back," and THE VERY NEXT DAY it was announced that it was on Netflix. HECK YES! I've been watching episodes here and there, and my favorite is to prop up the ipad and knock out a few while I catch up on my scrapbooking. Love the 90's outfits.

3. Book: Grace's Guide by Grace Helbig // As of this writing, I'm starting my 5th book of the month, and I've really enjoyed everything I've read so far, but Grace's book made me so happy! I've been a follower of hers on YouTube for a while now, and totally geeked out when I saw her on a Lowe's commercial, and again when she made appearances on Chelsea Lately, so I was super pumped to read her book. It was exactly her voice, and I loved it so much. Her general adult survival tips were gold. Old people really DO expect thank you cards for everything. And yes, #11 - "You can get it at Target."

4. Writing/List Making: Mead Glitter Notebooks // I'm an obsessive list maker, and I'm trying to be more organized and intentional about all of my little check boxes and blurbs of writing, so having individual notebooks for specific purposes helps. I found these Mead glitter notebooks at Target for $2.50, though I think you can get them at Walmart for $2. I have the blue & purple, but they also come in pink and silver. I think I need one of each. Everything is better with glitter!

5. Around The House: Dyson DC65 // I've always had a Dyson daydream, but never thought we'd actually own one. It seemed too luxurious of a purchase for us. But then after going through 3 vacuums in as many years we realized that for the price we paid for those three we could have had a Dyson that would have lasted double the amount of time! And then we found a great deal on Black Friday, and went for it. I LOVE THIS THING! I kind of have a running self-depreciating joke about how people only want to buy you cleaning apparatuses as gifts when you hit 30, so it's sort of ironic that this made my list. But using this thing is a joy on my boring list of chores. It works so well (the amount of stuff it picks up every time is gag-worthy), and it absolutely glides across the floor like no other vacuum I've ever known. So far? Worth every penny.

6. Lip: Candy Cane ChapStick // My usual lip-stuff addiction is with ChapStick Medicated (I can count 7 tubes in this house right now), but this Candy Cane stuff is legit! I like a chapstick that you can feel on....that tingle? Yeah. That's what I'm talking about! The minty flavor is sooo cooling and fresh, with a hint of vanilla to it, and it smells exactly like a candy cane. It's my new fav....I need 9 more tubes.

7. Music: Title by Meghan Trainor // The album, not the song (though I love the song, too.) AH! Meghan Trainor is my musical soul mate. Her songs remind me of mid-90's bubblegum pop (think original Britney), with some 50's flair, and a really great positive message in her lyrics. Plus some modern references and sounds mixed in. It's perfect. It's everything I could ever want in an album. I am absolutely obsessed with Close Your Eyes, and I sometimes put it on repeat for way longer than is healthy.


1. Color: Pantone's Color of the Year // Marsala? Really? Could you get any more middle-aged office pant suit boring? Worse choice ever, Pantone. Epic fail. (Jamberry sells Color of the Year wraps, and last year's Orchid stuff was adorable. I'm supposed to sell this Marsala crap? Phshhshshshhhhhh.)

2. Weather: Winter Can Eat It // I wrote this a couple days ago, when the windchill upon waking up was -20. That's supposed to call for a "cold day" off school in our district, but it wasn't. To be honest, once you get below zero, it all feels the same. The "omg I took one breath and the inside of my nose is frozen and my fingers have been exposed for 30 seconds and feel like they will crumble if someone touches them" bone-deep chill happens at 0 and -5 and -30, it doesn't matter. It was 30 degrees the other day and I thought we moved to the Bahamas without me realizing it. Come back, 30 degrees! I promise to never speak badly of you again!

3. Toddler Habit: Jake Discovered How to Get Behind the Baby Gate Protecting the TV and Cries When You Force Him Out 30 Times In A Row // OMG STOP IT.

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