Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Eating Healthier & the Mom Time Crunch

Eating better and raising healthier eaters is always on my radar. I read The Power of Habit, I know how this all goes - plating up horrible processed junk to our kids is wiring their brains to grab for that garbage when they're older. And I know, from experience, that those habits are hard to break.

Well into my adult life, I still wanted to pour a bowl of cereal for dinner every night. When Matt and I would cook a full dinner, it felt like a big deal and I was all ready to sit back with my Cheerios for a month afterwards. (My mom didn't cook when we were kids. Unless you count boiling elbow noodles and microwaving broccoli every now and then. No hate, just real life!)


I always have these thoughts bouncing through my head as I meal plan and make my grocery list each week, but it is HARD to do! 

The struggles holding me back?

1) Time. I don't have it.
2) Picky eaters. I have one garbage disposal kid that will eat whatever (thankfully), one that can be persuaded if negotiations are successful, and one whose "acceptable healthy foods" list consist of only orange colored produce and nothing else.

So how do I make everyone (at least a little) happy, fit in time to prepare healthy food (which usually takes longer), and makes me feel as though I'm getting at least a little nutrition into my little birdies mouths? It's a challenge!

Thankfully, our area gained a Trader Joe's about a year and a half ago, and that has granted us with some slightly healthier and still-quick meal ideas. We're also going to have a Whole Foods later this year (Yay! Rah Rah! Hurrayyyyy!), and I was lucky enough to try out a product they'll be stocking when they finally open their doors here in the Buffalo area.

Check it out:

Pizza? YEP! There's one thing my kids of various eating hang ups have in common - they will all eat pizza. (Well, there was a phase where the negotiator realized pizza sauce was the same as the dreaded red spaghetti sauce and protested on principal, but he's back on the wagon!)

Smart Flour graciously sent me a few varieties of these gluten free frozen pizzas, whose crusts are made with ancient grains and topped with lots of oohey-gooey cheese. We're actually in the middle of a crazy busy week, and cooking was just NOT on my list of things I'd like to do (right next to seeing what I look like in a bathing suit right now), so it was truly perfect timing to try these out last night.

I cooked both the Uncured Pepperoni for the kids and Margherita for me (yay, tomatoes!), and plated up our slices with some carrot sticks and ranch (yay orange produce!). Bonus: these only take 11-13 minutes to cook. Yes, please!

The kids thought the huge pepperonis were awesome and hilarious, the tomatoes were really great despite being frozen, and here's what my garbage disposal kid thought:


Also cool: we make a lot of homemade pizza around here, and Smart Flour makes gluten free crusts that you can top with your favorite pizza ingredients. I have one in the freezer ready for next week's meal plan - I can't wait to try it!

Quick cooking + family favorite + healthier option = sign me up! (Also, this is a really great way to satisfy a craving for pizza without ordering a big box of grease and hating yourself for it later!)

Try them out and let me know what you think!

Do you know of any other quick and yummy healthy foods we should try? Do tell!

RILapprovedThis post is sponsored by Smart Flour Foods. All opinions stated and photos are my own. I highly recommend these pizzas to anyone on a gluten free diet or trying to work healthier convenience foods into their weekly menus! 

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