Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Vlogmas 2014 - My Top 3!

Vlogmas Favs 2014

Okay friends, are you keeping up with Vlogmas?

If you aren't already familiar, Vlogmas is a YouTube event where vloggers (or, video bloggers) post a video from Dec 1 - 25th, showcasing the holiday season. Some of them do the entire month of December, it depends on the person. I've narrowed it down to just a few of my absolute favorite Vlogmas vloggers (otherwise it would be impossible to keep up with ALL of them!)

I'd love to hear who your favorites are! Here's mine:

1. Shaytards
Okay, so the Shaytards aren't doing the "official" Vlogmas, but they have committed to vlogging every day in December (which actually extends beyond Vlogmas). They are my favorite people to watch overall because their family dynamic is fairly similar to mine (without all the filming and pseudo fame). They don't take life too seriously! Their youngest son was born a few hours after my youngest son was born, so I love watching their little guy grow on a similar pace as mine.

Exiting things about this channel: Collette, the matriarch of the family, just released a Christmas album. She's a great singer, and some of the songs on her album will instantly worm their way into your brain!

Subscribe & Watch here: The Shaytards

2. The Grid Monster
From what I understand, Vlogmas actually began here with Ingrid (aka, Miss Glamorazzi). She started Vlogmas on her own channel a handful of years ago, and it ended up growing across the YouTube community. I love her vlogs - I kind of live vicariously through them! She has so much time and freedom to do things for herself and cook awesome, healthy recipes. The flow of her days is like my dream! haha I wouldn't trade my kids for the world, of course, but had I lived the single life in my 20's? I would have lived it like her.

Exciting things about this channel: She gives something away every day at the end of her video! It involves some image editing skills, but she's got some good stuff to hand out!

Subscribe & Watch here: The Grid Monster

3. Nikki Phillippi
I first found the Phillippis during Vlogmas last year, and they were my fav! They are a young married couple living in LA, and have a lot of the same luxurious freedoms I love about Ingrid (above). Nikki is such a sweet personality, and I often think I would really get along with her in person. They're just down to earth and interesting!

Exciting things about this channel: They just moved into a new apartment, and it's fun seeing them pull it together and in a new setting this year!

Subscribe & Watch here: Nikki Phillippi

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Is it lame that I only shared 3 with you? There are so many other good ones out there, but if I'm being totally honest, these are the only three that I watch daily. I can't really keep up with more!

Also to note - I love seeing what they cook for their meals, it's my favorite part of the vlogs. Is that odd? It seems to point to an interest in cooking videos, but those just aren't the same! I don't know, I don't get it either ;)

PS - these are all fairly family friendly and safe to watch around kids! I didn't include any channels that have a lot of swearing or sensitive subjects!

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