Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Rych Family Thanksgiving 2014

Another holiday is in the books of this wonderful, blessed year. I can't believe there is less than a month left to enjoy - I can only hope that 2015 is as wonderful as this year has been!

Thanksgiving was, once again, warm, cozy, happy, and filled with family, tradition, and excitement. I tried telling the whole story and ended up with a post that would have taken you a weekend to read, so here's the highlights:

* On Thanksgiving morning, I was sipping coffee by 5:15am, and a handful of online purchases were submitted before the sun rose. I love jumping on the early Black Friday sales on Thanksgiving morning, but with all of the cleaning and preparing there is to do, an early morning rise is the only way to get it all done!

* The boys took their turns emerging from their rooms, bedhead in full force as they giggled about being off from school and having so many fun things to look forward to over their long weekend. They played video games with their Dad, I made Pumpkin French Toast and sausage and the ganache for my chocolate peanut butter pie. We watched the Macy's parade while we ate, and I did a bit more shopping on the computer.

* I made my stuffing, sweet potatoes, celery, and some cream cheese frosted pumpkin chocolate chip muffins. I packed up the ingredients to make my gravy, as well as some platters and a gravy boat, and we set out to eat dinner at my mom's.

* My mom moved her table next to her living room fireplace for the occassion, so we all sat down with our over-filled plates with muted football on the tv and Christmas music playing on the radio. Lukas lead us in going around the table to name something we were thankful for (which was kind of the most adorable thing ever, on his part).

* Jake really enjoyed his food, and really dug into the squash (which is one of his favorite foods). Last year he was only a month old, so I spent dinner nursing him between bites and he spent most of the evening snoozing in my lap. It's amazing, the difference a year can make!

* As we were eating our dessert and sipping our coffee, we noticed that snow had started falling. It was pretty continuous for the rest of the evening, and we loved peeking out at it as we snuggled up together, watching Cars 2 and other cartoons and talking about our Black Friday plans.

* My mom gave each of the kids a pair of Christmas pj's - a tradition she's been carrying on with them for a few years now. We knew ahead of time that Luke & Henry were going to sleep over, but we didn't fill them in on that so they were excited and surprised when we told them they could use their new pj's to spend the night. Thankfully we just happened to pack their pillow pets and tooth brushes..."just in case" ;)

* There wasn't a single snow flake when we'd arrived at my mom's, but by the time we left, there were 3-4 inches covering the ground and our windows, and it was still falling. It was SO gorgeous! We had to stop for gas on the way home, and while Matt pumped, I stared out at the snow falling on the quiet roads - it was magical, and the perfect setting to kick off the Christmas season!

*When we got home, Jake went right to bed, and my littlest sister came to sleep over so she'd be here for black Friday Shopping first thing in the morning.

* Through the night, I kept hearing plows, but we live on a busy road in a well-plowed area, so we always have more of them go by than most streets - I didn't think much of it. My alarm went off at 4:30, and I snoozed once or twice. I rolled out of bed and went to the bathroom, not even bothering to check outside. I got dressed and started to make a little less mess out of my hair when my BFF texted me about the snow and how perfect it was for our shopping day. I looked outside to see that we'd gotten even more overnight, and the van was covered! It is really kind of jarring to go from a warm bed to a freezing cold pile of snow at 4:45 in the morning! But someone had to clear the windows :)

* The rest of the weekend was full of shopping, decorating the tree, Thanksgiving dinner part 2 at my Dad's house, and a trip to the movies to see Big Hero 6. It was SUCH a good long weekend - I didn't want it to end!

So my house is now in Christmas mode, and I love it! This is such a fun month for me and my kids, I love every second of it - and can't wait to share much of it with you!

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