Friday, December 12, 2014

Rych Fam Christmas Cards! (with Cardstore)

I am absolutely giddy over this post today, and it's really kind of silly. It's just that - I love snail mail so much, and as the years go by and we get less and less of it, it seems like a bigger treat to get something that isn't an ad or a bill.

Over the years, I'd get very excited for December, because Monday-Saturday usually promises something personally addressed to us. Though I feel like 4 or 5 years ago I'd have more cards than space to hang them, and the last few years, I've had an embarrassing amount on my wall. I even remember people picking on how little cards we had last year! I was wondering if we made some enemies in 2013, but then a few others told me the same things have been happening to them - snail mail cards are becoming extinct!

We need to change that, friends!

I have a few places for finding adorable snail mail materials (cough, Target one spot, cough) for thank yous and hello notes, but my favorite place to order really nice, quality cards for special occasions is Cardstore. I made my Dad an adorable card for his 50th Birthday, and Lukas made some of the cutest (and also hilarious) Ninja Turtles Valentines Cards to pass out at school earlier this year.

For Christmas? There is SO much to chose from! I spent 3 days sifting through all of the choices, and it was HARD to narrow it down! Their designs are seriously adorable.

I originally tried to find a card that didn't require a photo - which you can do (my favorites are above.) I don't know, I have a weird thing about sending my kids' pictures in the mail when our home address is on them. And I also feel like some of my acquaintances (rather than close friends) will be like, "What do I want a picture of these kids for?" But after all the comments and awwwww's the boys got with their Christmas pj's picture last year (click here), I felt like this was the time to suck it up and order photo cards. The Grandparents will be thrilled. Of course, then I had to go through the struggles & bribery of taking a decent photo of three small boys after a school day, and confusingly stuffing them into pj's at 3pm, but no one will notice that, right? :)

I created these with the help of my trusty 5-year-old assistant, and together we narrowed our choices down to these four.

How to chose, right? Well ultimately, we went with this one:

There was just something that spoke to my crafty side, and I loved the simplicity of it. I liked the short and sweet message over the neutral colors that fit well with the photo and didn't distract from it.

The greatest part is that I was able to personalize the back of it, and I wrote Merry Christmas along with all of our names. I know that not everyone will keep these, but the Aunts and Grandparents probably will, and I love that the year is already on there so they can tell when it was taken if they ever sift through their stacks one day. (Other people do that, right? I have so many saved Christmas cards!)

Shipping was crazy fast! I received an email saying they were shipped only a couple hours after I placed the order! And they arrived in a few days. Addressing them was a total breeze, because they put my return address on them for free! I didn't do this, but if you pay them to, Cardstore will even ship them out for you to your list of recipients! Crazy, right? Bonus: they sent me 4 extra envelopes in case I screwed up. I've always wished that boxes of cards would come with a few "just in case" envelopes - that was so awesome!

You still have time to get your cards ordered (until the 16th), and you can get 40% off with code CCP4129 - hurry, hurry - don't miss out! You will love them!

Cardstore provided these cards for me to review and share. My opinions are my own, and I truly love them! Thank you for the Christmas gift, Cardstore! We love you!


  1. My wife loves cards! She likes to save the and pin them up everywhere around the house! There ya go. that should be your next little DIY project "Creating wallpaper from cards" lol

  2. Those cards look lovely! I love the one that says Let It Snow! I also really like the one you chose. It has a very green/eco type feel to it. :)

    1. Yes, I love those! Simple yet beautiful :)