Tuesday, December 16, 2014

A Not-Too-Busy Christmas To Do List

I love to make lists and schedules and plans, but I'm horrible at sticking with them. I'm not sure why I'm obsessed with setting myself up for failure, aside from the fact that writing something down gets it out of my brain.

Anyone feel me? :)

The Christmas season is so magical and happy to me, and it goes by so quickly (especially with kids, now). I feel like it should totally be a longer season, and I'm not afraid to start playing Christmas music mid-November to extend it a little bit.

Because we only get a few weeks to celebrate this exciting, blessed time of year, I like to try and set at least a few goals for things I want to do with my kids. But these sprawling "think of everything" lists just don't suit my busy family. I would love to plan a magical snowy night where we drive around town and look at lights, but what are the chances we won't have Tae Kwon Do, or bedtime isn't looming? We only have time for a short list of spontaneous fun between our daily obligations and planning for our Christmas Eve & Christmas Day celebrations.

So I've kept it super simple this year, and made this really short & sweet. I think we can easily cross off everything on this list, and have a great time doing it!

Simple Christmas Bucket List

1. Go to Dave's Christmas Wonderland
I cannot believe I have never been, especially now that they have a location so close to home, but I think going here would be especially magical for the boys!

2. Make Sponge Candy
I am a die-hard Watson's fan, so I know that nothing I make can ever own up, but I think it would be really fun to try, and I wouldn't mind eating the failures ;)

3. Have a Family Christmas Movie Night
We have a handful of DVDs of our holiday favorites, so my plan is to get everyone in pj's, blow up the air mattress so we can all cuddle together, put in a DVD, pop some popcorn and make hot chocolate, and snuggle under a bunch of blankets with only the light of the TV & our tree!

4. Go on a Christmas Shopping Date or Two
I love grabbing hot chocolate and walking through stores to pick out gifts for our kids with my husband. It's so much fun!

5. Take a Christmas Jammies Picture of the boys
I did it last year and loved it so much! I think this needs to be a new yearly tradition!

6. Read a Christmas Book (Kids' Books Don't Count!)
I have a book in mind, but really I just want some cozy holiday stories to get me in the Christmas mood!

7. Make Homemade Hot Chocolate
I have never made real, homemade hot chocolate! Sure, I've doctored up the little packets before, but never have I attempted the from-scratch stuff. It's time! Maybe on movie night?

8. Pick out Grandma's Tree Night
My in-laws are snow bunnies, and though they come home for Christmas, it's usually only a handful of days before. For the past few years, we've gone and picked out their tree and set it up for them so it's ready to decorate when they get home, and since my husband works from their house, he can take care of it and enjoy it for longer than the few days they'd have it up for.

9. Make a Christmas Craft with the boys
I haven't picked one yet, but my boys love crafts, and we all love Christmas so, no brainer!

10. Try a Seasonal Tea
I drink a cup of Lipton almost every afternoon, and as far as I'm concerned nothing beats it (with a teaspoon of sugar and a big, hearty splash of milk!) But I really love the thought of all those yummy flavored holiday teas, and I'm going to do it, darn it!

I'm going to try and track these 10 things on Instagram as we cross them off, so follow along with me? I'll use hashtags #RychChristmas14 and #RychChristmasBucketList on each of the photos so you can check them out and see how we're doing! :)

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