Monday, November 3, 2014

Our Halloween 2014

Hello, November. You're here early. Wasn't it just my birthday? I feel like in recent years, I've lost the ability to track time accurately and months are just constantly sneaking up on me. And this whole daylight savings ending and the days being all short and dark - sighhh. There are already not enough hours in a day, this is getting a little ridiculous ;)

We had a great final week in October, despite the fact that some sort of croupy virus entered our house (likely from the dozen or so kiddlets we had over for Jake's birthday party). There were no fevers, and despite a lot of barking, the kids still had most of their energy and spunk. I want to say that excitement and sugar helped them power through!

On Thursday, I volunteered in Henry's classroom for his Halloween party. It is SO interesting to go through things with Henry that I've already done with Luke. I helped out at Luke's Halloween party in his 3 year old year - in the same classroom, with the same teachers and the same activities, all the way down to the same snacks. But the way my kids react to it is SO different! Luke is always very smiley and ooey-gooey with love and appreciation that I'm at school with him. The feeling usually spills into the rest of the day while he follows me around like a little puppy. Henry on the other hand?

Other than a few "Hey, Mom!"'s as he rode by me on a ride-on tractor, he seemed like he could care less that I was there. In fact, he was acting up and not listening so well in situations he's usually great in. His teachers said that it must have been for my benefit as he never does that. Which of course makes me feel like, why am I here again? haha Of course I want to be there for him, and I respect that he's a different animal in comparison to Luke, but I wonder if his apathy towards my presence will change or not.

Before the party started, the teachers had the kids march in a little costume parade and then stand on the church's altar to sing a couple songs. Henry particularly loved singing Mr. Pumpkin and had been singing it at home for weeks. The second line of the song says, "eyes so round," and Henry confused it for "eyes so brown," - likely because he has brown eyes. File that under one of my favorite Henry's speech mistakes, right next to confusing "kitchen" and "chicken".

On Friday morning, there was a LOT of excitement in the house! I was in the shower before dawn, trying to get a jump on the day, when Luke threw the door open yelling "Happy Halloween!" He sat in the bathroom with me making up little Halloween jokes while the rest of the house slept and he waited for me to finish getting ready. When I was done, I made him a Halloween breakfast (which was insanely simple to do, don't be under the impression that I slaved over this or even planned any of it ahead of time, haha!)

Cookie cutter toast with PB, shove a couple chocolate chips into half a banana, and throw a drop of red and yellow food coloring into their glass before pouring almond milk - BAM. Halloween breakfast.

I also attempted a Halloween lunch, but I was in such a rush. I was seriously throwing this together as they were putting their coats and shoes on to leave. But, I pumpkin cookie cuttered his sandwich, made one of those apple smiles with mini marshmallows, and threw in a handful of candy corn. I also drew a pumpkin face on his clementine peel and threw in some pretzels and a fruit roll up.

I am so good at Halloween food! Hahaha....ooh please say you're laughing with me right now :)

With Luke sent off to school, I had to get myself ready for room mom duties in Kindergarten and prepare to stay awake through the rest of the day's craziness. Luke's class was so cute, all dressed up (5 Elsas if you're wondering - the only other double was actually Luke's costume, Iron Man). The boys in his class kept doing a little hands-in type huddle like you'd do before a game and they'd yell, "Gooooo boys!"  SO funny!

Silly faces to protect identities ;)

The Kindergarten classes came together to parade and sing a song together before separating for their individual parties. I helped out there and then helped them all step out of their costumes before lunch and specials. Luke didn't want me to leave, he was pretty clingy as it was time for me to go home. He had a fun day ahead - lunch, art, and free play, so after 7 or 8 hugs, I finally convinced him to let me go. See what I mean about the difference with Henry? haha

I came back to pick him up in a few hours, and the boys and I went to the grocery store to grab a few things for dinner. When we got home from that, the boys watched It's The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown while I cleaned up even more and made mummy dogs for dinner (Halloween food master!), mac and cheese and applesauce. When Matt got home, we ate dinner, put pj's under their clothes to keep warm, and set out for my BFF's house in my hometown. Trick or treating doesn't really happen in my neighborhood. We don't have sidewalks and we live on a pretty busy street. We've never gotten a single trick or treater at our house, and we only have one neighbor that decorates at all. My hometown, however, is a sprawling network of suburban neighborhoods with close-together houses, so we borrowed my BFF's neighbors :)

It was cold and drizzly, but not terribly bad. We've definitely had way worse in Buffalo! Luke was really into it this year - taking off to the next house and the next house with enthusiasm. Henry tried to keep up, but his little legs tired out quick and his cough was getting the best of him. He ended up riding in the stroller next to Jake for the second half and only got up to trick or treat for a few houses after that. Jake passed out in the stroller, all bundled up in his costume and a blanket. He was so good! Luke did end up getting tired towards the end - his candy bucket was getting heavy and his hands were chilly. He didn't want to walk anymore, either. But he powered through! We were done by 6:30 and home by 7, which was crazy - it felt like it was so much later!

Luke & his buds Emy & Joe

Matt & Jake the dino!

The tired babes :)

Since it was still so early when we got home, we turned on Netflix and watched Scared Shreckless and a Monsters Vs Aliens Halloween special while we sorted their candy. They ate too much (naturally), and we collected our parent candy tax ;)

It actually ended up being a rough night after that - the little guys barely slept as they woke up coughing and wheezing all night. Henry sounded pretty scary, we almost rushed him off to urgent care, but once we got him calmed down he sounded better.

Other than the coughs, my boys had an AWESOME Halloween! I love that the older the get, the more memories they have and the more natural their excitement is. It's like getting to do childhood all over again!

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