Monday, November 10, 2014

5 Ways To Re-Set Your Day

This one's for the stay at home moms of the world, and "those days" we have. You know the ones I'm talking about - the kids are driving you more crazy than normal, you're working your tush off yet your house somehow still looks like a tornado just came through, and every little thing that can go wrong or can happen in an irritating way, is.

My life is so busy these days and I experience this constantly - lately it's just chaos, chaos, chaos, chaos, bed. I have so little time to think or even notice much as I'm just trying not to forget what time this is and where that is. And these days are there - waiting for the moment when I'm already totally overwhelmed.

I never have enough hours in a day, but I try to remind myself that one day, when my kids are all grown, I will probably look around in silence and wish I had a few less hours to fill. So when I recognize one of these snowball down a hill days, I try to find a way to reset.

These are my favorite 5 ways to try and do that:

1. Change Your Shirt
This probably sounds really silly, but it works! Sometimes I just need to feel a little fresher or feel like I look like a little bit less of a hot mess, and a wardrobe change does the trick. Some days I don't have any intention of getting out of yoga pants, or I don't have time to shower and put something cute together, so simply changing my shirt is enough.

Of course feeling like you look better is a moral boost, but I think there's more to it. Kids who have sensory and transitional problems sometimes throw fits about having to get dressed, and a lot of times it's because they don't like the cooler temperature or the different texture of the new shirt. Changing clothes changes your environment just a little, and acts as a transition. It's something new. It's a physical "I wore that this morning and this shirt this afternoon," change in your day. This might be a silly mental thing, but it works for me!

2. Put Music On
This one always helps when it's my kids driving me crazy. It calls their attention to something else - something noisy and interesting. It even helps them focus their energy into something less destructive while they're singing and dancing. Plus, an upbeat tune can shift a bad mood into a great one. So pick something peppy and happy, and pause real life for a ten minute dance party. You could also claim the resulting cardio endorphins as another mood booster!

3. Give yourself a manicure
This probably the most self-centered way I reset my day, but the times that I just need an indulgence or to feel like I look less like a crazy person, this is the way to go. There's something about having fresh Jamberry wraps or a coat of Essie on my nails that makes me feel pulled together, even if my leggings are covered in sticky baby handprints and my hair is the messiest of messy buns. Try it!

 4. Empty your sink
I know, this sounds soooooo fun, right? If your messy house is the cause of your unrest, though, taking a small step towards improvement really helps. Make sure the dishwasher is empty, and then fill it back up with dirty dishes. You'll feel at least a little productive, and your surroundings will be a lot less overwhelming. Or maybe a little bit less, anyway. ;)

5. Read for 15 minutes
A more broad description of this would be to escape reality for 15 minutes, which is really the goal, here. It's just that, I find that reading helps me do this in a more long-lasting way than watching TV, or trolling Pinterest would. Reading takes more mental effort - it shuts down your surroundings more completely and may even kick off some deeper thoughts that last throughout the day.

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