Thursday, October 9, 2014

Tiny Canvas Collage (8/31)

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Hey, friends.

Wah-wahhhh. I failed you yesterday.

I mean, no, I didn't fail. I refuse to let one day of missing a post equal failure. But the truth remains: I dropped the ball. Or really, by the time I was ready to take the photos for yesterday's post, the sun had set. So hey there, you get two posts today. (These still aren't the best pictures....wahhhh I miss my photoshop!)

And while we're here, a note about this project, hmm? I think I've mentioned on nearly every post of 2014 that I am incredibly busy, but things have gotten truly out of control since the school year started and I can't stop volunteering for things. Being active in your children's education is practically a full time job. There are not enough hours in the day for me right now, and I'm not just pulling a cliche out to prove a point - I seriously mean it. My to-do lists become tomorrow's to-do lists over, and over again. So yesterday, when I knew I'd miss my deadline for this post, I got angry for a hot minute. I was like, "WHY am I doing this right now? Why am I forcing all of these projects and cleaning and photos and writing when I don't have to, and have all of this other stuff that I do have to do?"

But it was maybe 60 seconds later when I realized that when I was less busy, I thought I was too busy. There is always room for excuses about why my house isn't being loved the way it should, and if I can get through October with a bunch of (finally) finished projects and a greater appreciation for my surroundings, then the holiday season will be that much brighter. I want to see my house the way I envision it. And this is slowly getting me there. So suck it up, buttercup.

This morning's post is the last one I have planned for my kitchen. I've been working on a small collage of tiny canvases for....well, too long. Months. So yesterday, while my kids napped, I was painting tiny flowers.

This area is just above my stand mixer area. The bunting at the top is a longer version of the one that's above my kitchen sink, and it goes across our sliding glass doors to the backyard.

And heads up, confession time, guys: Whenever I had a spare moment to hang these puppies, my baby was napping, and he naps on the other side of the wall where these were going. I couldn't exactly hammer nails into the drywall next to his head, so I cheated. These are totally taped on the wall! I'll hang them up properly later :)

I also had no time to prep the frame. I want to pull off the little metal glass holder thingys and spray paint it white. So this is totally a work in progress, but you get the idea of what I plan to have here. And I really adore my little flowers!

Price wise? The best I can tell you is that I thrifted the frame for $1, but I had tiny canvases and many, many bottles of acrylic paints on hand for a long time, so I don't recall the costs.

SO, because I missed yesterday's post, you'll get today's post this afternoon-ish. Cool? Cool. See you later on! ;)

31 Days of Adding Beauty and Loving My Home

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