Tuesday, October 14, 2014

The Great Side Table Search (14/31)

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In our Charlotte house, the layout of our living room didn't require (or really have room for) side tables. We had one coffee table, and that was it. So when we moved back to Buffalo and had a very different living room, we realized we sort of needed them.

Not having much of a budget or time for such a thing, we quickly ran to Target and grabbed a $12 Ikea-inspired side table, and then later picked up 1 more. They served their purpose when we really needed something, but they are truly terrible. Sorry, Target. The legs on them break so easily, they never stay straight (the legs sort of twist out of alignment), and they are so ugly!

For about 2 years - seriously, 2 years - I've thought, "You know how many thrifted and painted furniture posts and pins I've seen over the years? I'm going to find mistmatchy side tables at a garage sale or a thrift store any day now, and I'll chalk-paint them aqua and drool over them all the days of our lives."

You guys. Side tables are HARD to find.

The only side tables I've ever seen for sale second hand are those horrible tiered ones that no one else wants either (clearly), because they're all for sale! You know, like this style, only before the paint and making-the-best-of-it effort:

Good for you, Double Arrow Designs! I love your color scheme even though the structural design of this table is terrible (to me). (Sorry.)

And the thing about thrifting is - you have to be patient and just wait for the right table to arrive. But here I am, YEARS after making this decision.

I actually found a set of side tables in almost the exact design of my dreams on Craigslist. The guy selling them said he'd give them to me for $40 for the set ($20 each isn't bad!), as long as I picked them up that day. But then he never gave me an address or a time to come get them! He ignored all my attempts to follow up, and I finally gave up. That's Craigslist, I suppose, but where's the common courtesy, people?

Since then, I've found a couple of sets I liked, but not loved. Like this one:

It bugged me (just the tiniest bit) that the side tables were different shapes and sizes, but I thought maybe that would be a cute thing for the mis-matchiness of it all. Only, the guy wouldn't let me buy JUST the side tables (he was insisting that I take the coffee table as well), and Matt didn't want to store something we didn't have room for. I couldn't find anyone else that would want the coffee table, either, so...I let them go.

Sometimes I find something great, only to realize that they're located an hour+ away, or that their post is from a month ago. I spotted this the other day:

The yellow table is cute and all, but a little small. I would still take it, honestly, it's still better than what we currently have. But it was the table in the background that caught my eye - the adorable aqua one with a drawer and spindley legs? Yes, please! But this was posted a month ago, at a warehouse that sells furniture, and there's no way either of these tables are still there. I know, can't hurt to ask, and if they were absolutely perfect, I would.

Matt and I went to Home Goods Thursday morning - he had the day off work and we had a glorious bit of time where we were down to 1 baby and we picked up to go cups of tea from Panera before walking around to look at things we like. I spotted the perfect side table. Perhaps not in color (because I like COLOR!), but in design and style? Oh yes. Ohhhhh yes.

I want you, and another one of you, and I want to paint you nice and pretty and find you a shabby chic drawer pull and slap a doily on top of you. In fact I made Matt take this picture so he'd remember exaaaactly what I want if he ever runs into it (or something similar) again.

I know what you're thinking - it's perfect, but I didn't get it?! Well, $99, you guys. For one. We need 2. $200. I almost spent $40 TOTAL when I found the perfect Craigslist set. I know I'm  being cheap/picky/stubborn here, but that's an extra $160 of something to set my coffee on. I'm absolutely willing to pay more than $40 for the right thing, but $200? I don't know. And certainly not at this moment. Perhaps after tax return time.

This one of those things/spaces in my home that I desperately want to love, but absolutely need to work on. So I realize that this post is different from the others in that it's more of an ongoing/future thing than an appreciating what I've got (I mean, how can one appreciate these things??). But it's a part of the process of loving my home, and my living room, so I wanted to share!

The hunt continues! :)

One more spot in my living room to share with you tomorrow!

31 Days of Adding Beauty and Loving My Home

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