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Tea Saucer Wall (18/31)

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Okay, don't wag your finger at me for this post not being something that's actually finished. This is one of the few planning/thinking posts on my schedule this month, and the only reason it hasn't moved to finished is that I haven't had the funds to order all of the plate hangers I need! But this is great motivation to get it finished one day soon so I can share the finished product with you.

On the one solid wall of my dining room lives a hutch. It's an old hutch - it belonged to my Grandparents a few hutches ago. When I see pictures from my Dad's childhood and before (the 60's and 70's), this is the hutch that lived in their dining room. My Dad had this weird unplanned hutch collection going as people kept giving them to him for this or that reason, and he asked if I wanted one of them. This, of course, is after my sister got the nicer (newer) one with lights inside for displaying things - ya know, the thing I probably could have gotten a ton of good use out of. But that's okay. I'm still happy to have something sort of heirloom in my home.

The top part of the hutch was warped, and in my Charlotte house, it was in a corner of my dining room that wasn't seen very often, so it didn't bother me. But it did bug me in my new house, and the room is just too small for something so big and overpowering, so we only use the lower half. And conveniently enough, the top half didn't even attach, so we just didn't put it on. Super safe furniture manufacturing, 1960's!

Anyways. This hutch is full of craft supplies, which is nice, because I usually craft at the dining room table and everything is right there. Right above the hutch is a big mirror we bought in Charlotte from Kirklands for like $25 or something ridiculously cheap because it was on clearance. I sort of want to paint it white or aqua - the black is sort of my style from days gone by - but I'm not sure how it would stick to this surface. (The above picture is the best I could do, sorry. My dining room is in such disarray I couldn't take new photos. The above is from February 2013 - eek!)

So, I wanted to dress up the mirror wall just a bit. Not with more photos, as my gallery wall and a few other little places are showcasing plenty of photos. Not with hoop art, as I've got another place in mind for that. And not with art-art, because frames and canvases would add too many straight lines where I want some soft shapes. And then I started finding a collection of adorable tea cup saucers and vintage floral dessert plates at thrift stores and I thought, YES!

I found this little wire shelf for $2 while thrifting, and spray painted it blue. The plan is to hang this to the left of the mirror, and then have the tea cup saucers sort of in a bursting pattern from the shelf over to the top of the mirror. I think it will give the room a cottage-cozy feel! And I still need to find some more floral saucers!

In the mean time, I laid out what I'm envisioning on the floor so you can see what my plan is. The space to the right that the plates seem to be sort of flying over is where the mirror is.

SO - to be continued!

And if you're local and happen to find any white/cream vintage plates with floral details, point me in their direction? ;)

31 Days of Adding Beauty and Loving My Home

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