Friday, October 3, 2014

Over-The-Sink Decor (3/31)

Welcome back to 31 Days of adding beauty & loving my home! This post is part of a series for the month of October - visit the first post for details & links to all the other posts! 


Yesterday's post, where I told you the story of our kitchen renovations, was way wordier than these posts will be. That was the biggest piece of anything we've done around the house, so naturally I had a lot more to say & share!

For the next week, I'll be sharing the bits of beauty we've added to the kitchen since the renovation took place. Let's start at the sink, shall we?

I love how sunny and happy this space is! It makes doing the dishes a much more pleasant experience! Ideally, I'd have a window over the sink, but since I can't have that - filling it up with yellows, pastels, and florals is the next best thing!

The bunting here is one of two I made before the renovations were done so they'd be ready to put up right away. You can see them in my last post - they were one of the first things I added, second only to my beautiful pink mixer that sat in storage for years and came out to visit the same day the counters went in! ;)

Next, I embroidered a few little details into a vintage lilac sheet and kept it in an oval hoop for quick, pretty art. I hung it next to a tiny aqua shelf I thrifted, and topped it with a little bird figurine (also thrifted), which is actually a tapered candle holder! I found this teeny succulent that leaned ever so slightly to the right, and when combined with the tilt of the bird's tail, creates a balanced shape that makes my heart flutter!

Floral Bunting: Handmade by me, less than $3 to make
Aqua Shelf: Thrifted, $.25
Bird Figurine: Thrifted, $.25
Tiny Succulent: Found at the grocery store! $1
Oval Hoop: Thrifted, $.25
Lilac Sheet: Thrifted, $2 (though this is probably 1/20th of the sheet, so $.10?)
Embroidery Details: Gifted floss, free!

Total Cost: $4.85

Down at sink level, I love to decorate with growy things! I'm always changing out my mini-arrangements with things I found in the backyard, or with little pieces of bouquets that last longer than the bigger flowers. Here I've used marigolds and parsley that I harvested from our yard - I love, love bringing in things we've grown, and I often make bouquets out of herbs (See below!) I added the little wooden grow sign after a thrifting spree (because I love all things that grow!), and to keep our dish scrubber from leaking everywhere, I rest it in an old crystal bowl that used to belong to my Grandma. On the other side, which you can't see at the moment, I have both hand soap and dish soap, and a composting container for food scraps that we later add to our compost pile.

(PS, sorry for the darker, less pretty nature of this photo and many to laptop, where I have photoshop, is broken! Ahh, it's driving me crazy!)

Here I've used purple baby's breath, basil, and chive buds (the latter bloomed into pretty purple chive flowers later on!) at different times this summer. I'll be sad when I can't just hop in the backyard and find my next pretty arrangement!

Love Love Laugh Vase: Target dollar spot, $1
Crystal Bowl: Hand-me-down, free
Compost Container: Gift, free
Misc plants: Harvested from the yard, free!

Total Cost: $1

This area is one of the first I added bits and pieces to do make it speak of my style and things that make me happy. It served as inspiration as I moved through other areas of the house, so it felt like a great starting place! Tomorrow, we move just a little bit to the right, and I show you my stand mixer area. See you then! ;)

31 Days of Adding Beauty and Loving My Home