Saturday, October 18, 2014

Operation Christmas Child! (Join my OCC Mailing List!)

Hey, friends! I'm making a special appearance on the blog this weekend to quickly talk about something special - - a very simple way we can all help a child with next to nothing get a Christmas gift this year!

If you've never heard of Operation Christmas Child before, it's run by an organization called Samaritan's Purse which aids in all sorts of charities worldwide. In fact, they've recently been involved in the efforts in fighting Ebola and families effected by ISIS, among many other forms of aide and relief.

Despite being a religious organization, you don't at all need to be religiously affiliated or involved to love what they do for children at Christmas! As a mom, I have a special heart for that idea. Knowing that my kids get more than they'd ever need (and sometimes even want) each holiday season, I feel for the little ones that get nothing.

In 2012, Luke and I put a shoebox together for a 2-4 year old boy, and it was a lot of fun! We picked out lots of little goodies, drew him a picture, and sent it off. We later found out that our box went to the country of Benin, Africa.

Getting Luke involved was rewarding for both of us, and I felt really good about our donation! Last year, I wanted to do it again, but I had a newborn and time got away from us. Despite the busy-ness of life right now, I want to make sure we do this again (as well as other forms of giving) as we reach the holiday season.

This project is SO simple! All you do is find a shoebox or a plastic storage box (the shoe size) and fill it up with goodies with a specific child in mind (so, boy or girl, and an approx. age). Little toys, art supplies, and non-liquid hygiene products are ideal. Then you pay $7 shipping through the OCC site, print your shipping label, and drop it off at a local drop off point during the week of November 17th - 24th.

I want to make this whole process even easier for you!

1. I created a mailing list to help everyone remember when to finish up their boxes and get them mailed out. If you pop your name and email into this form for me, I will email you on the November 14th with a reminder!

2. If you also provide your zip code, I'll even email you the list of locations and drop off times to make it SUPER simple!

3. If you live locally and we can coordinate a way for you to get your box to me, I will deliver it for you!

4. If you send me a picture of your packed shoebox or use the hashtag #RychInLoveOCC when you share your photo on Instagram by 11/15, I will chose one of you at random to pay for your shipping charge!

Thank you for considering this! It's a great way to start getting your child involved in helping others in a way they can understand, and it's fun to do, too! (PS - if you search on Pinterest for OOC shoebox ideas, there are lots!)

See you on Monday! :)

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