Sunday, October 19, 2014

Love Collage (19/31)

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I've mentioned many times that I was a slacker with putting things on the walls in this house, but I sometimes forget about this love collage I made. It's been on the walls for 2 years now, and it was probably one of the most finished areas I had. It's probably that it's tucked away in our bedroom that I forget it so easily.

I can't remember the timelines exactly, but within the same couple of months in the summer of 2012, I made all three hoops and the text canvases. The state hoops are made with a thrifted vintage pillow case and felt - the hearts in the states represent the two places we've lived together (Buffalo & Charlotte). The hoop on the left is made with a thrifted lace curtain and felt, and it's a tree with our initials embroidered on it. The text canvases are the lyrics to our wedding song mod podged onto them. And the photo, obviously, is from our wedding (in a Target frame).

The wood plaque with dates on it was actually an anniversary gift I made for Matt for our 5th wedding anniversary. We always try to play on the traditional anniversary gifts a little, and 5 years is wood. So I made him a painted wooden plaque and gave him a beer that was aged in wooden barrels. The dates on the plaque are our significant dates. From top to bottom: the day we started dating, the day we got engaged, our wedding day. And finally, the bunting is made with the same thrifted pillow case and lace curtain that I used in the hoops.

I really really (REALLY REALLY) love this collage as it defines us (even if outsiders don't know the significance), and it's right next to us in our tiny, cozy room. When I'm lying in bed on my left side, this is what I see. I love waking up to it! It's like a grown up version of plastering my walls with Tiger Beat posters and signs with my crush's last name scribbled after my first.

31 Days of Adding Beauty and Loving My Home

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