Sunday, October 12, 2014

Kid Art Gallery (12/31)

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Happy Sunday!

We're still in my living room today, and I'd like to show you how I display the tons, and tons of art that my kids come home from school with! I made this gallery wall years ago, when most of the art I displayed in it was made at home. When Luke started bringing crafts home from preschool, though, I suddenly had way, way more artwork than frames to hang them in. So switching it out happens often around here.

I really love-love-love my kids' artwork. And I wanted somewhere prominent to put all of it so that family could ooh and ahh over it in a way that would make THEM proud of their creativity. So I thrifted different types of frames, got rid of the glass and backing on all of them, and prepped them to hang. Some of them got picture hanging wire to clothes pin artwork on, others didn't. I hung them all right above the couch where all of our visitors can see and admire their art. Both of my bigger boys love pointing out which pieces are theirs and they love getting compliments on them from loved ones. There's even a classic drawing Luke made for us when I was pregnant with Jake that we call "Potato Family Portrait". It has all of our family members, including the cats, and a future Jake...drawn in potato form. It's never coming down :)

Other than Potato Family Portrait, we change out the frames every season when we decorate the rest of the house (like for fall, Christmas, V-Day, and some other times when we want some fresh artwork to look at). Right now the frames are filled with fall & Halloween pieces, and I just threw a leaf garland on top because kitschy fall decorations are my favorite! (Please excuse the crooked frames - as I mentioned, these are very well loved, and the kiddos always have their hands on them!)

I want to paint the frames to match the gallery wall, but I ran out of paint this Summer, and then I ran out of Summer. So, someday.

Tomorrow I'm sharing another bit of sentimental beauty...stay tuned :)

31 Days of Adding Beauty and Loving My Home

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