Monday, October 13, 2014

Heirloom Cross Stitch (13/31)

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Today's share is pretty sentimental!

Remember when I mentioned that I hadn't really put anything on my walls for quite a while after moving into this house? Well one thing made it up right away, and it was this gorgeous cross stitch that Matt's Grandma made for us for our wedding gift. It was the first gift we opened - right at the ceremony - and we took a picture with his Grandma and her beautiful gift.

She was known for her cross stitching abilities, and I was so excited that she made one just for us! After she passed away, we inherited a few others - a Home Sweet Home design (that you can sort of see a couple posts ago), and a big Rainbow Row picture. (I'm still searching for the perfect place to put that one!) But this one, with our names and wedding date on it, is my favorite. Not only for the personalization, but for the knowledge that she made it with us in mind, and even that it quotes my favorite part of our wedding vows. To have and to hold. Such a comforting commitment.

Not many people enter through our front door, but those that do - this is the first thing they see.

I made a scrappy bunting out of thrifted sheets and curtains, and the palm cross above is just washi-taped up from palm sunday mass. I love this little area, and I have a clear view of it from my chair corner.

Sentimental art is my very favorite!

31 Days of Adding Beauty and Loving My Home

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