Monday, October 20, 2014

Fall Family Update

Are you guys sick of me telling you how busy I am lately? ;P

I'm sorry that I say it all the time, really. October is pretty much going to sound just like that - thank goodness we're nearing the end, hmm? Trust me, I'm looking forward to the end of saying that. Matt should graduate in a few weeks...3-4, possibly. And that will just be the greatest day, EVER! We will have family time together again, and suddenly this freedom that we forgot all about. Mostly I'm looking forward to the stress relief it will offer him.

I'm so proud of him, though. I was really skeptical of him taking this on right before Jake was born and adding this pressure to our lives, at the same time we were adding another person to the mix, but he has done SO well! He's finishing a semester and a half early! And you guys, in his one class? They did this project that's ranked through schools across the world, and he tied for FIRST PLACE, globally! I huff and puff about the moments that I'm single-parenting it when it use to be family time (like Saturday and Sunday mornings), but truthfully, I'm so proud of all he's done. (I'll just be super happy to put it all behind us!)

Anyways! That was sort of a tangent. I hope you don't mind. I like being a little more chatty with you when I share family updates from time to time. Like I picture you at your computer with your morning coffee, reading this like an email from an old friend. That's what I want it to be like, anyway ;) (But of course it's already afternoon so if you're still sitting here with your morning cup of coffee, gross. Go make a fresh pot, friend!)

My point in all of this was to say that on Columbus Day, we ended up with unexpected family time, and it was WONDERFUL!

After a busy weekend of plans and obligations, we made it to Sunday evening and realized - - hey, we have nothing to do tomorrow! Matt works for a bank, so he had the day off, and Luke had the day off from school. I suggested that we do some sort of fall activity together since our weekends are usually shot due to Matt's school work. Of course, we didn't count on the sporadic downpours, but we grabbed jackets and ventured out, anyway!

Our first stop was a cute little road-side farm where they have a play area for kids. Luke went there on a field trip once and had good things to say about it, so we thought we'd check it out and get some pumpkins while we were there. The pumpkins they had were HUGE, and that made their prices a bit unreasonable (as they were priced per pound), so we bought a few pie pumpkins for painting, some popcorn for our air popper at home, and some squash, and then just spent a little time in the play area. The kids really loved it! I realize now that I once again didn't make any pictures, and because I was wearing Jake, he didn't make it in any, either. I really need to get better at handing the camera to Matt once in a while!

They went through a straw maze (above) about 10 times, and Henry LOVED it!

The skies were getting darker all around us, and we wanted to make a second stop for pumpkins, so we packed the kids back into the van and drove over to the same place where we pick strawberries and blueberries every year. The rain followed us there, and it started to sprinkle as we arrived, but we were determined to find our pumpkins before it started pouring! We tried our hardest, but we ended up getting pretty soaked by the time we chose all of our pumpkins. The boys each got a bag of popcorn they popped fresh while we were there, and then we set out for home. I don't have any photos from this stop, accept for this one iphone picture I snapped really quickly, because I couldn't take my camera out in rain that hard!

When we got home, we all got in pj's and played a family round of Minecraft.

It was a perfect, day! Luke kept saying so. He told me he didn't want to go back to school because his weekend was so great and he would miss it. I didn't notice how much I felt the same before he said so. I didn't want to return to our busy daily grind - drop off here, pick up there, run this that and the other errand, dishes, laundry, pack that lunch, wash that floor, bath time, bath time, bath time. I wanted to just stay in my living room in my soft, comfy pants with my entire family around me, building pixelated structures we had to save from Henry's relentless lava pouring. Alas, Monday came, anyway.

It was wonderful while it lasted!

We have some other fun things on the horizon! Jake's birthday (and party) is this weekend, we have multiple Halloween celebrations next week, and an early Thanksgiving trip to the finger lakes in early November. I can't wait to share it all with you!

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