Friday, October 10, 2014

Fall at The Crooked Apple

While I've been busy-busy-busy with the kids' school stuff and my 31 Days projects and posts, fall has arrived at The Crooked Apple. And sort of abruptly.

One week it was hot, sunny, and green...and the very next it was chilly, colorful, and leaves were falling. I feel like the trees are more bare and the lawn is more covered with leaves than normal at this point in October. I'm not sure what that means for winter, but I'd like it if fall would slow down and stick around a bit longer!

I think I'll mostly let these pictures do the talking for me - I just want to share some of the lovely that's around us right now :)

Did you spot the picture with the moon?

And the feather? Well...we've had about 30 geese visiting us on a daily basis as they get ready to fly south! It's a dirty experience, if you catch my drift. ;)

I just love fall. I especially love how spectacularly it displays itself in my own backyard!

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