Saturday, October 11, 2014

Cozy Chair Corner (11/31)

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I gave you a little peak of my chair corner yesterday when I was sharing my big gallery wall with you:

This space is a big deal to me. It may not look like it, but this chair is the place where I've nursed and rocked and snuggled 3 newborns. Well, the chair is - the chair was in a different place each time. It was right here for Jake, my most recent baby, and now that he's getting older it serves a new purpose. It's now about making this a place where I tuck my feet under myself with a cozy pair of leggings and some fluffy socks, maybe a homemade blanket and a hot cup of tea, and watching a Harry Potter movie while the leaves and rain both fall. Umm....I kind of want to go do that, like right now.

Anyway, here's another view of my space:

I'm being totally real here, you guys, because.....omg. My chair needs a shampooing. It had one in the Spring, but the front of it gets disgusting, fast. Why? Because the baby always nasty hands, and he comes over to say hello or ask to be picked up, and he wipes his hands and face all over it in the process. It's super embarrassing, but one of those "if I cared about that I would be doing noting but cleaning all the time so let's just all move on" things. So moving on ;)

I don't really love this chair anymore. It suited our Charlotte house really well, but I really, really dislike it now. It holds some sentimental value, being where I snuggled my babies and all, but I really want to replace it. I want to replace our couches, too (Matt was just telling me Thursday morning that he's almost ready himself!), but they are incredibly easy to wipe clean with little ones (see: embarrassing chair) and I kind of don't want to lose that just yet.

The doily blanket on my chair is gorgeous, right? My very good friend made it for me for my birthday, and it has garnered so many compliments since then! I love how cozy it makes this area feel. My chalkboard is insanely simple at the moment, and draped in a sunflower garland I found on Etsy. On the shelf next to it I have frames from each of my babies baptisms (yeah...still need to get around to filling Jake's!), a wedding photo, a baby picture of me (that went up when Henry was little because we looked so much alike as babies), a monogram R for our last name (out of frame), and a Home Sweet Home cross stitch done by Matt's late Grandma. Hung below it is a burlap garland I found at Target for $1 (it was supposed to be $3 but didn't have a tag, so the cashier gave it to me for $1!) and some fall leaves. In the winter, our stockings go here.

Down below is the worst side table EVER (more on that soon) with a Target lamp, an LED Halloween candle, and a plush pumpkin (also from the Target one spot). I love the soft pumpkin because it's safe for baby hands! We usually keep our remotes on this table, too...when we can find them, that is! haha

Below is our stack of library books. We always have about 20 checked out (my pile is on the bookshelf), and we never have enough room for them. So why not turn them into their own decor?

Cozy, right? I certainly don't mind putting the foot rest up and crocheting a day away here! :)

31 Days of Adding Beauty and Loving My Home

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