Monday, October 6, 2014

Counter Top Decor Part 3 (6/31)

Welcome back to 31 Days of adding beauty & loving my home! This post is part of a series for the month of October - visit the first post for details & links to all the other posts! 


I hope that by now, just shy of a week into this series, my theme is fairly obvious. I mean, yes, I want to show you all of my favorite pretty areas in my home, but I'm also sort of training myself to be more appreciative of what we have, and make more obvious notes of the wonderful stuff around us. That said, not every post is going to be overly pretty or exciting, and I feel like today is one of those posts. This is a total gratitude moment.

This is one of 2 big (to me) work spaces that now exist thanks to our kitchen renovations, and that's the main thing I'm getting at today. Thinking back to the RV kitchen, this space is wonderful to have! The only thing to note here? It gets really warm when the dishwasher is on (the dishwasher is right below this counter space). If I want to soften butter for a recipe, guess where I leave it? Convenient for that, but....I also made the mistake of trying to roll out a pie crust here before, and having it completely melt into the counter. It was a disaster! This space and butter have a tricky relationship!

First, I'll start by talking about these adorable painted mason jars I keep on top of my stove. I won these!!! I almost never win anything (I know everyone says that, but it's true in my case....there was a time I was going to Bingo every single week for months, and the ONLY time I won, it was split with 2 other winners, and one of them was my mom!). I was super excited to pick out this set from Beach Blues Home Decor, because it matched my kitchen vision so well! Because of the way you enter my house, they are one of the first things your eyes land on, and I just love how sweet and kitschy they are! I also like to keep a little candle on the stove when it's not in use. This is a silly little detail, I think, but it's a safe place to burn a candle, and this is where my mom usually burns candles in her home, and that little fact makes me feel nostalgic. :)

Being that this is a main work station in our kitchen, we keep a few things here. Our paper towel holder was meant to be spray-painted a color that fits better, but it's just one of those someday projects! And so long as our old appliances are black (until we can afford or absolutely need new stainless ones), it doesn't bother me so much.

The basket here has been an awesome little tool. I found it while thrifting, and actually set it here temporarily...until I realized how useful it was. It's a great place to collect things we use a lot and would otherwise be floating around. I keep things like clothespins, sharpies, tape, and electrical chargers in here. Even some snacks we reach for often. I love how it organizes this area a bit. To the right is a ceramic teapot I made my senior year in high school. I'd hoped to use it as decor in a little girl's room some day, but alas. Boy mom, and all. I hung a few pieces on the wall very simply with washi tape (both prints are from Pen and Paint, the photo is from my garden - taken with my iphone!)


Set of 3 Painted Mason Jars: Beach Blues Home Decor, Prize - free (though normally $22)
Basket Organizer: Thrifted, $2
Pink Teapot: Handmade by me, free
Paper Towel Holder: Target, don't remember...maybe $12ish? (it's been a long time!)
Jumbo Arrow Clothespins: Target (one spot), $1
Prints: Pen and Paint, $10?
(I got the large print from an IG sale because of a flaw & the other came in a set of 8, so I'm totally estimating costs. Here they are for sale: Always Believe Print and Floral Mini Print Set)
Washi Tapes: Target (one spot), $1 each
Total: Approx. $25

Tomorrow, we hop to the other side of the kitchen & I'll show you one of my very favorite spaces! It has a little something to do with my caffeine addiction ;)

31 Days of Adding Beauty and Loving My Home

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