Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Coffee Station (7/31)

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Hello again, friends! Can you believe I survived an entire week of this series?? It feels like a bit of a miracle, to be honest. Tomorrow's post requires that I actually finish something first...so if it's late making it's appearance, that's why ;)

Today I'm sharing a space with you that's one of my favs, despite it not being the prettiest or clearest area. And why? Well, because it's where we keep the caffeine. It might be the most important spot in the house. But it's still a work in progress.

Obviously, there's the coffee maker. No Keurig, here. Those tiny little cups are a waste to me, and they don't come strong enough. I like a BIG, STRONG cup of coffee...so old school is where it's at! The containers next to it hold our coffee and tea - I found them at a thrift store for $5 and spray painted their lids. The napkins don't normally reside there (I'm actually wishing I moved them now so it didn't look quite so busy). The aqua basket I found on clearance for $4 at Target, and its point is to collect toys to go in the basement - where we keep the toys. It's full at the moment, as you can see.

It doesn't photograph so well, but I love the lights under the cabinets here. It's a great help when I'm cooking, but I also love having these on and the overhead lights off for soft, cozy lighting in the evenings.

The art on the walls is made by me. I painted the canvas and just recently stitched the little teacup. The print is from Pen and Paint, hung in a thrifted frame.

Glass Jars: $5
Canvas & Hoop: Handmade by me with on hand supplies
Print: Pen and Paint, $8 (normally $10, got it from an IG sale because of a flaw, find it here: My Cup Runneth Over Print)
Frame: Thrifted, $1
Total Cost: $14

I want to find some more coffee & tea related art to add to this wall, eventually. I really like this Tea Time cross stitch pattern - I may do that once I get through my big list of craft to-dos!

We've got one more day in the kitchen coming up - and I need to finish some projects in order to make it happen - eek! Wish me luck (and see you tomorrow)!

31 Days of Adding Beauty and Loving My Home

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