Monday, October 20, 2014

Bed Made (20/31)

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Honesty moment: I almost never make my bed.

I know that there are so many cleaning/home organization gurus that swear up and down that either making your bed or cleaning your sink are THE two biggest and best first steps you can take, but it's just not for me, guys. Why, why, why would I waste effort on doing something like that when my life is such a whirlwind? It's probably one of the most useless tasks.

And it's rendered more useless by the fact that my oldest son sleeps in our bed during nap time. Yes, my 5-1/2 year old still naps. He still needs them, and still takes them almost daily (including after school), so I'm not about to rock that boat. We don't have enough rooms for all 3 boys to nap on their own, and in daylight they just stay up and look at each other, so they need to separated. I'm not going to make my bed twice in a day, just to mess it all up again at night, when there are about 1,000 other things I could/should be doing.

But when it is made? I love it. I love how it just looks at me with that, "come here and get cozy" look. In the Summer it's the perfect place to let a fan blow over me, and in the Winter it's the warmest spot in the house. And one day, I'll be able to make it (and not feel like I just wasted my time) every single day.

Bedding is all from Target (including the accent pillow, and the body pillow and cover behind the shams), but I made the quilt at the foot of the bed for Matt while we were dating - he chose the colors. They just happened to work!

When we lived in Charlotte, I always made the bed. But I had a big room with my bed on showcase, and no children napping in it, no chauffeur duties, and grocery shopping was something we did as a couple because we lived hundreds of miles from everyone we knew, what else were we gonna do? ;) Making my bed wasted a few minutes that I'd otherwise spend pining for home. And ohh how I loved my old bedroom!

Above: our bed set up in our Charlotte House.

The one we have now is the same color, with the same furniture, and some of the same bedding. But really, really, really squished in there together. It's cozy and warm and comforting, but a totally different story. Like, I basically have to be outside looking in through the windows to get a picture of any part of this room. (I had to take the photo of my current room with my iphone because my DSLR couldn't handle the size restriction!!!) It's ridiculous how small it is. But I can still find beauty there.

SO, do you make your bed everyday? If you just said yes, you're lying. Or crazy. ;)

31 Days of Adding Beauty and Loving My Home

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