Wednesday, October 1, 2014

31 Days to a Prettier, Well Loved Home (1/31)

I have absolutely no business committing to a single new thing, but what can I say? I'm a sucker for goal setting, and I believe in reaching out towards your passions, even when you think you might be too busy for them. Like I definitely am, at this very moment.

It's important to grab onto inspiration as it comes, so despite having to multitask nearly 24 hours a day right now (sleeping is my only time off, but if you count dreams then I'm busy then, too!), I'm joining in on this year's 31 days of blogging challenge!

31 Days of Adding Beauty and Loving My Home - Check out the series through October!

Yep, I'm crazy.

I'm not gonna lie. Some of these posts will be pre-scheduled, and I will probably fail at this. But I'm here to try!

Here's where it all began.

The first kick in the pants was me being completely embarrassed by my house. My sweet little house that I originally pictured in cozy, cottage-like glory was completely neglected while I was in the throws of motherhood. My energy, in every form, has been continuously used up and reserved for the last 6 years, leaving almost nothing left over for this place we call home. And with Luke starting Kindergarten, we were suddenly finding ourselves in a more public place of life - one where you invite others over and socialize and have to be prepared for public eyes on a daily basis.

Yeah, it's a bit of an anxiety-ridden whirlwind for little 'ol introverted over here, but we're managing.

Not wanting to be ashamed of my house, and realizing that I was a) not being grateful enough for all of the improvements we HAVE made and b) never finishing the tons and tons of projects I've started, I knew some things had to change.

As with many things in my life, change started at the library.
Call me Hermione, if you will. (Seriously, though, it would make my day.)

I checked out a big stack of books on decorating and color, and ohhh my the inspiration!

Feeling the motivation coursing through my veins, I asked my BFF if she'd like to do some thrifting with me one Saturday morning. Armed with Starbucks, we had a schedule that would knock out a block sale and two thrift stores before noon. And it. was. incredible. It was the most fruitful thrifting adventure I had EVER been on. Ever-ever. I spent just over $60, and came home with goodies upon goodies that would help me complete many of the in-process plans I had.

This is some of my stash from that day - I couldn't fit it all in the picture! :)

Not wanting to lose any of my excitement, I spent the rest of the weekend creating the gallery wall I'd been planning for months. Scratch that, years. Yeah, YEARS. And when it was finished? I felt SO GOOD!

Since then, I've sprinkled little bits of beauty and art and happiness around the house. I read The Nesting Place and A Beautiful Mess: Happy Handmade Home, and found that my style resides somewhere between the ideas in these two wonderful, exciting books. They super-charged my motivation!

Feeling a little extra-kindred with The Nester, after reading that she spent a few years living in Charlotte (where Matt & I used to live!), I decided to search for her blog. And that is how I discovered 31 Days!

It seems only fitting, then, that my topic for joining in on this challenge would deal with my home and how I'm trying my hardest to make it feel like the home I know it can be. So for these 31 Days, I'll be blogging about appreciating my home, and adding beauty to it little bits at a time.

My plan is to share these posts with you first thing in the morning, and then regularly scheduled posts during the week will show up in the afternoons. So be sure to come back!

You'll find a list of each post right here, so if you're joining me from the link-up or pinterest (Welcome!!!), you'll be able to find each one below.

Wish me luck? I'm gonna need it!

Day 1: Intro (You're Here!)
Day 2: Our Kitchen Renovation
Day 3: Over-the-sink Decor
Day 4: Counter Top Decor Part 1
Day 5: Counter Top Decor Part 2
Day 6: Counter Top Decor Part 3
Day 7: Coffee Station
Day 8: Tiny Canvas Collage
Day 9: Inspiring Books
Day 10: Living Room Gallery Wall
Day 11: Cozy Chair Corner
Day 12: Kid Art Gallery
Day 13: Heirloom Cross Stitch
Day 14: The Great Side Table Search
Day 15: Hoop Art Gallery Wall
Day 16: Finding My Style
Day 17: Dining Room Wall Collage
Day 18: Dining Room Tea Saucer Wall
Day 19: Love Collage
Day 20: Bed Made
Day 21: Photo Canvas
Day 22: Sweater Pillows (Come back soon!)
Day 23: Gold Glitter Monogram (Come back soon!)
Day 24: Jewelry Area (Come back soon!)
Day 25: Family Cookbook (Come back soon!)
Day 26: Wall Letters for the Boys' Rooms (Come back soon!)
Day 27: Boys' Bathroom
Day 28: My Bathroom (Come back soon!)
Day 29: It's all Thrifted, Gifted, or Handmade. (Come back soon!)
Day 30: Future Plans & Inspiration (Come back soon!)
Day 31: Conclusion (Come back soon!)

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