Friday, September 26, 2014

Apple Picking 2014 at Peter Baker Farm

A couple weeks ago, I was trying to multitask by getting some work done while nursing Jake, and...he was super curious about my keyboard, and knocked the whole thing over while trying to type with Mama. The laptop landed right on the power chord, which was plugged in, and it snapped. Cue heart attack - I have a stream of online-only jobs, and my little guy just took out my most essential tool!

It made the last few weeks more complicated, and oddly enough, spurred this inner organizational motivation. I was angry that I didn't have photoshop on my desktop computer, so I couldn't edit photos, and then I was angry that I didn't know where my photoshop disk was so I could install it, and then I was angry that things like that get lost in the abyss of stuff in my house, and so it spawned a crazy day of purging and organizing on Monday. I spent all, day, long sorting paperwork and school work and the boys' craft supplies and it's still going!

But anyway, those two paragraphs are just a touch of foreshadowing for things to come this October, and not at all my point, today.

My point, is that my new replacement power chord finally showed up the other day, and I was finally able to edit our apple picking pictures from weeks ago! Yahooo!

So, yes, a few weeks ago, my crew and I went to our favorite apple picking spot on a Sunday morning.

We like to go to Peter Baker Farm in Ransomville, NY. It's kind of a drive for us, but so worth it. The staff is incredibly friendly, they have two big inflatable bouncy things for the kids to play on, and they sell all sorts of homemade goodies that we cannot resist. Like chocolate covered caramel apples (uhh, yep!), fresh salsas and jams, farm-grown produce, and local honey and maple syrup. So we go for more than just the apples - it's also a day of play and stocking up on yummy, fresh, local yums.

It was an absolutely beautiful day to be outside with the family. We picked a 1/2 bushel of Macintosh, Cortland, and Ginger Gold apples - they are so delicious!

The kids had a lot of fun with it this year - it doesn't show on their faces, or anything ;)

The day we brought the apples home, we made an awesome Apple Crisp with vanilla ice cream (I like to use Betty Crocker's recipe - so simple, so good!) And we've been enjoying them sliced on their own or with caramel dip every day - yum, yum! Next on the list? The only pie I've ever been really good at making: The Pioneer Woman's rustic apple pie. It's SO delish - we've made it a few times before and it's a huge hit around here. Also - we're planning a family trip to my in-law's cottage in November to have a Thanksgiving celebration with my sister, who isn't able to come to town for the actual holiday this year, and this apple pie is on the menu. Can't wait!

We had a great time picking apples this year, and also came home with a giant sunny yellow mum, a jar of raspberry salsa, a mini loaf of homemade pumpkin bread, local honey and syrup, and a couple chocolate covered caramel apples (because, they're kind of the culinary highlight of my year!)

I love this little kick-off to fall each year. It's my fav, and kind of eases the blow of sending my kiddos off to school (wahhh, why can't they be babies for all time?!)

Happy Fall from the Rych family! ;)
(Matt decided to take a nap for this photo, haha!)

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