Friday, August 29, 2014

So long, 20's.

According to my editorial calendar, I'm supposed to be hosting a birthday giveaway today. Like I did last year, only bigger and better since this is a milestone birthday and all.

But the truth is....I ran out of time.

Sigh. I feel poo-y about this one, guys. I was brainstorming ideas and working out the kinks for months. I just never got around to that pesky part where I actually collect the things to give away, we are.

I'm sorry?

It's, man. I started a Jamberry business in August, I'm trying to get ahead on my various tasks for Maggie before she has another adorable baby in October, I'm working my bum off to keep up with this blog, get my house decorated and loved the way I want it to be, soak up the last of Summer, prepare my sweet tiny little 9lb 5oz baby who hasn't grown an inch and still needs his mama 24/7 for Kindergarten (seems odd that they're accepting newborn infants these days) (I kid, I kid), and, I don't know, mentally wrap my head around the fact that I've somehow lived through three full decades (?!?!).

I feel like I might be the busiest I have ever been, and this is only the first year of having a kid in full time school. I have two other ones! And am .0001% interested in adding another one to the mix. (I want the babe, not the pregnancy. Someone be my surrogate for free?? Okay, for free + cookies?)

So, instead of giving you all sorts of adorable things, which would have been SO much better than this (and so, so appropriate since today is the 29th, and I'm 29 for only 2 more days, and...I KNOW, I totally screwed this up!), I'm going to take a few minutes and say goodbye to 29. Which was kind of a heck of a year.

29 - you were wonderful.

You gave me Jakob.

You renewed my passion for life.

You taught me embroidery, that I love Indian food, and how to get over my fear of the dentist.

You showed me how to grab onto opportunity - to have faith in trying, and to be brave.

You reminded me that it's okay to fail at your goals, as long as you keep setting them, keep living, and keep trying anyway.

You showed me that having a creative mind and all of the controlled chaos that comes with that is something to be proud of rather than ashamed of.

You let me feel what it's like to celebrate ten years of loving someone, and wholeheartedly sharing a life with them.

And I know there are a lot of trivial, daily ups and downs and lessons tucked away in the last 360+ days that I'm forgetting to mention here, but they've all added up to be the cherry on the top of my 30 year old sundae, making it that much sweeter.

The last decade was full of the biggest milestones of my entire life. In those ten years, I earned a degree, got engaged, got married, had three babies, bought two houses, made two major moves, held many different jobs, started two small businesses, and really discovered me. How can I possibly have another decade like that?

That sounds like a depressing question, as I've really just said that the majority of the excitement in my life is now behind me, but I'm really so overly grateful to have had a decade like I just did. My 20's were awesome. They were amazing, and fruitful, and blessed. If my 30's have even half the amount of blessings, I will be a lucky woman.

So long, 20's. I'll miss you.

PS: I filled this post full of links to things that happened over the last year. If you feel like going back in time and reading up on some of my more informative and popular posts, grab your favorite cup of something hot and click away, xo

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