Friday, August 15, 2014

My Shiny New Scale! (Ozeri Review)

Earlier this year, I participated in a weight loss challenge with my mom's group. It was perfect timing for me, because I'd just had a baby in the fall and I needed the motivation and accountability of an organized challenge.

Each week, we had to turn in our current weight, and the person in charge of the challenge would calculate our percentage lost. I noticed that other participants had extremely accurate numbers when reporting their weight - including a decimal point in their measurements. I had a really old, cheap scale (that wasn't digital), so I could only report weights in whole pounds.

That was okay for me, but it made me curious about the times when I'd be between two lines and I'd go with the higher number because I wasn't sure exactly what it was!

This situation made me want a better, newer scale, so I went with Ozeri's Digital Bathroom Scale. I liked that it had both a mechanical dial and a digital, LCD screen with more precise numbers. It's also super thin and easy to move around and store.

Total unexpected bonus: the baby loves leaning on it and watching the needle and numbers go up and down, and he'll stay occupied with it long enough for me to take a shower. Score!

There have been a couple of moments where the mechanical needle and the number on the screen don't match up, but stepping off and on again usually fixes that. Other than that occasional glitch, it's worked really well for us, and thankfully - the numbers have still been going down, albeit more slowly now ;)

I really love the way it looks, and this is just personal preference, but I'm a fan of the blue display when it turns on (which it does just by stepping on it). Our scale is black, but this model also comes in white, which I think looks really great! My older two kids had a weird aversion to being weighed previously, but the way this scale responds mechanically is exciting to them, so they're always checking to see how big they've gotten, now. Super cute!

OH, and btw - I won the weight loss challenge! :)

Ozeri provided me with this awesome scale in exchange for my honest review. All opinions and experiences stated here are my own. Thanks for the opportunity, Ozeri!

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