Thursday, August 14, 2014

Easy Skewer Flags (DIY)

I have such an easy, quick and adorable craft for you to try!

I wanted something to act as a bouquet that would last longer than fresh flowers but be a little different and less tacky than fake flowers. (Note: Some fake flowers, like the felt ones in The Felt Flower Shop are far from tacky!) So I decided to make a bouquet of pennants out of skewers and pretty paper. Wait til you see how simple and fun these are!

Here's what you need:

♥ Pretty paper of your choice (I used this Blossom pad by Paper House)
♥ Wooden Skewers
♥ Scissors
♥ Adhesive
♥ Washi Tape (optional)

First, I cut 1-1/4 x 4" rectangles of  paper that I liked. Then using a mono-adhesive (you could use a glue stick or anything else you have!), I added adhesive to a little more than half of the "wrong" side of the strip of paper.

When I had the paper sticky, I put the ends together, leaving a little loop to put the skewer into. Make sure you add the skewer point down (both for safety and in case you want to stick them into plants, or a foam block), then press the rest of the paper together and around the skewer.

I added the paper to all of the skewers, plus a few made out of washi tape (just wrap the tape right around the skewer and stick it together!). When that was finished, I cut them into a pennant shape, but you can leave them as they are, cut them on an angle, or add any shape you'd like to it.

Ta da!

I love them! I think I'll make some with fall colored papers for the upcoming season, too. So simple, so cute!

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